Columbus a little bit country?

by Maureen McCabe on August 19, 2007

Real Living LogoThere’s a Real Living ‘For Sale’ sign is in a music video on but try as I might I can not see what the logo says, what the second circle contains, which would tell me where the video is set.  Not that it matters.  The setting, the people  look more country than Columbus. I thought Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas.  Lots of the midwest is a little bit country. 

Columbus is called a cow town sometimes.On our company intranet (Real Living, one circle)  it says: “Real Living has hit the country music circuit! A Real Living yard sign can be seen in the new Montgomery Gentry music video for their song “What Do You Think About That?” The yard sign is shown a few times within the first minute of the video. “ 

A country group, I had never heard of,  Montgomery Gentry ‘s “What Do You Think About That” (full length video)  on until reading about it on Real Living’s intranet site for agents.  Click on the song title to play the video… you may have to watch a commercial first.  Once I got a Chevrolet commercial, usually I get the opportunity to watch a commercial for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  Once or twice I got away with seeing the video without watching a commercial!

I like music videos.  I especially like music videos when they tell a story.  Although I am not a country music fan (just not a lot of exposure, I had a country period of a couple of years in the 90′s ) I like how even just the music in country music tells a story.

This video tells a story but I don’t really  get it.  The song is about gossip?  People talking about people?  People caring about what people think about them?  Or not caring?  There is a neighborhood, there’s a house with a Real Living sign, there is a couple who bought the house? There’s a moving truck.  Moving in? The motor cycle (a “Vengeance Banshee”?) There is a drag race? They lost me but I watched the video  over and over to try to figure it out.  So much so that I am craving Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. 

It’s a Real Living sign but I am not sure which market or franchise.  Real Living which is based in Columbus is in 20 states now.  I saw the logo but I can’t make it out. 

Our logo in Central Ohio as of the first of the year was changed from a big circle with HER in it to a little circle with HER in it and a big circle with Real Living in it.  Real Living HER’s logo is in the sidebar here.  That’s a bit of the local story.  

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