Worthington Ghost Tours 2010

by Maureen McCabe on October 15, 2010

Worthington ghost tours 2010

Worthington ghost tours

Something suburban for Halloween?  Worthington Ghost Tours are part of ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio.’

Is Worthington haunted?  Or just historical?  Are there good ghost stories about any Worthington buildings?

The Old Rectory?

The Orange Johnson House?

Sharon Hall?

The Kilbourne Building*?

The Worthington Inn, now there is a roofline that says “spooky tale” to me.

Snow House?

Was the Packard Annex haunted?  Were there haunted houses there in the 1990s?  I think I volunteered to work at one once  to work at one once but did not for some reason.  Maybe I got sick…. or chickened out?

Are there any haunted private residences in Worthington?

Worthington is old.  Or older than a lot of Central Ohio and a lot of the old is still there… it’s been maintained.  Worthington Ohio was settled in 1803.

The Worthington Historical Society Ghost Tours are Friday October 22, 2010.  There are two tours.  Tickets are available at The Old Rectory (corner of New England and Oxford St)   and Fritzy Jacobs (a shop on High St.)

The sign on the Worthington Village Green says “Under the light of a full moon”

Worthington and Central Ohio ghost stories

Did Worthington’s ghost “Irwin” run a business out of town?

Worthington ghosts – the Worthington Medical College

* I thinks since the Kilbourne Building was a library first, there ought to be a haunted library story.  Or do haunted stories harm a place? Would a fun scary story hurt or enhance the Kilbourne Building in your opinion?

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