Where in the world is Jerome?

by Maureen McCabe on December 2, 2012

Jerome United Methodist Church

Where in the world is Jerome, Ohio? I’d say… just west of Dublin.

Wikipedia says “Jerome is an unincorporated community in Jerome Township, Union County, Ohio, United States.”  Probably the US Census data says that too.  The Wikipedia article credits the US Census data.

Jerome is a spot on the map with some houses and a church now.

Pictured is the Jerome United Methodist Church.   The Jerome United Methodist Church has a Plain City address.  Plain City is a village in Madison County.  The Jerome United Methodist Church website has an impressive photo of their church showing the additions to the church. Taking the photo above with my cell phone I did my darnedest to try to photograph just the part of the church built in the early 1890s.  I like history.   The Jerome church’s website says the sanctuary dates back to the 1890s.  The church’s website tells the history of  all the additions to the church building over the years.

This map shows where the church is, on Jerome Road.

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The Jerome United Methodist Church’s address is 10531 Jerome Road, Plain City, Ohio 43064.  The Ohio Historical Society site gives the address as “10531 County Highway 11, Plain City, Ohio 43064.”   Zoom out on the map to see where Jerome is in relation to Dublin and Plain City.

Jerome United Methodist Church history

A  historical marker in front of the Jerome United Methodist Church tells the history of the church and the history of  Jerome.   The “About” tab on the Jerome United Methodist Church site has an extensive history of the building and the church community.    A synopsis?  The first meeting of a  “Methodist Class Meeting” was in a home in 1835.  That home was a log cabin.  The church we see today is the third church built by the Methodists in Jerome.  The first church was a log cabin.   The sanctuary of the present church dates back to 1891.   The church in Jerome became part of the “Worthington Circuit”  first.  Later it  “became part of the Dublin Circuit.”    And still later ” became a part of the Plain City Circuit.”

I read a couple of church history books years ago that explained “circuits”    ​in the Methodist church.

The bell  tower or steeple  on the Jerome church  reminds me of the tower on a church in Lewis Center in Delaware County.  The Lewis Center church serves another denomination now but it was built by Methodists.

The church website  says:

 ”As our congregation and community continue to grow, Jerome Church will continue to find ways to accommodate this growth and prepare for the future while remaining grounded in our vibrant, historical roots.”


The Future – Jerome Village

Jerome Village is a development by Nationwide Realty Partners in Jerome Township, Union County, Ohio.  Jerome Village is the site of the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes. The Glacier Ridge section of the Jerome Village development will be  the site of the Parade of Homes.

The Jerome Village United Methodist Church has a link to the website of the Jerome Village development as well as both the City of Dublin and the Village of  Plain City.  The Jerome Township area is in the Dublin City School District.

The little white church on Jerome Road is in a pretty rural area now, but that will all change.  The Jerome Village development is to Jerome Village what the development of Muirfield was to Dublin in the 1970s and 1980s and what the development of New Albany was to north-east Franklin County in the 1990s.

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