What's Worthington?

by Maureen McCabe on November 20, 2007

Maybe it should be …Where is Worthington?

You may not even see what I see when I look at what Realtor.com map of Worthington on the new “neighborhoods” feature on Realtor.com. The map for Worthington on Realtor.com shows a big shape inside of 270 and a smaller almost rectangular shape north of 270.

The Worthington “Neighborhood” Map on Realtor.com is showing the 43085 ZIP code.

The problem with that is that the shape north of 270, is the City of Columbus. It is in the Worthington School District but is the area north of 270, east of Flint Rd, south of Park Rd and west I-71 any more Worthington than the Worthington School district neighborhoods in the 43235, 43016,43065 or 43086 ZIP codes I think those are all the ZIP codes….

Are homes in Worthington Hills, Brookside Woods, Stilson Highlands, Olde Sawmill, Summerwood and Woodbridge Green ( I think those are all 43235, they are City of Columbus neighborhoods in the Worthington School District) less “Worthington” .. than homes in The Villages at Worthington, Westworth Village, Worthington Heights (condos), Worthington Trace, Worthington Glen (condos), Worthington Park (condos) and Worthington Woods (condos) which are in the City of Columbus and the Worthington School District and have the 43085 ZIP code.

Today (11-20-2007) there are 195 listings according to Realtor.com with an Average Home Price $199,900.

The truth of the matter is the homes (residential properties single family and condominiums) are priced very differently north and south of 270 (outside and inside the City of Worthington. Lots of the properties north of 270 and east of 23 are condominiums. I can come up with Total number of properties found: 192, using the 43085 ZIP code but the average price of 199,900 does not match what the CBR MLS (Columbus Board of Realtors multiple listing service.)

ZIP code 43085 – Homes

$275,938 City of Worthington Residential Properties (condos and single family in 43085)

$130,627 City of Columbus Residential Properties (condos and single family in 43085)

The average price of homes in the 43085 ZIP code is $234,926In the Worthington School District there are 426 properties total.

Something tells me NOT to believe Realtor.com’s rental price for the “Worthington Neighborhood either:  “Average Rental Price $289″

The City of Worthington website and the Worthington School District website as well as other information about Worthington are on my MaureenMcCabe.com website

A YouTube video about Worthington (this is City of Worthington, it really focuses on Old Worthington. )

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