Westerville Median Home Price 2006

by Maureen McCabe on July 2, 2007

  The CNNMoney.com list of 100 Top US cities said of Westerville

Population: 37,500
Median home price (2006): $200,889
Average property taxes (2006): $4,409

Does the Median home price info come from Trulia? Trulia is a great place for people to find ads about homes.  Trulia is a real estate search.   Real Living HER has ads for our listings on Trulia.com  You can search for homes there, it is better IMHO (in my humble opinion) to search Real Living HER’s data base. A more complete list of properties.

Which “Westerville”  is the $200,889 median price on CNNMoney.com for?  The City of Westerville?  The homes with Westerville mailing addresses (zip codes 43081 and 43082)?  The homes within the Westerville School District? 

I believe the $200,889 is the homes with a Westerville mailing address (zip code.) 

I can’t remember the last time someone told me they wanted to buy a house in a zip code!  ”I am looking for a home in the 43081 zip code.  

Buyers say “I want a home in the Westerville School District…”  or the Worthingon School District or the Columbus School District ….   

If you look at the bottom of the write up on CNNMoney.com about Westerville you can search for Westerville homes!  The search is Trulia.com  What Trulia considers Westerville homes is homes with a Westerville zip code.  You can tell if you look at the map if you know what to look for.  Look at the markers for homes west of I-71.  Those homes do have a Westerville zip code.  They are in the City of Columbus and in the Worthington school district.  Nothing wrong with those homes except they have very little to do with the city of Westerville other than that’s where they go to pick up mail occasionally.

Addresses (zip codes) are a great way to narrow things down but the mailing address has little to do with the value of a home in Central Ohio in my experience.

A common way of advertising properties in Central Ohio is to say:

‘Westerville, Columbus taxes!” 

What that typically means is the house is in the Westerville School District, it is in the City of Columbus.  The buyer gets Columbus services NOT Westerville services. 

Which Westerville? The city of Westerville?  From the Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS for Westerville corporation limit… the city of Westerville: 

Sold – 425 Properties Found


Average square feet 2061

Average bedrooms 3

Average full baths 1

Average half baths 1

Average days on market 84

Average list price $ 221,673
Average sale price $ 216,205

Which Westerville? The homes with a Westerville mailing address? ….the zip code Westerville, 43081 and 43082? Some are Westerville, some are Blendon Townhship, some are Genoa Township… maybe other townships?  Some are homes in the city of Columbus. 

Sold – 991 Properties Found


Average square feet 2224

Average bedrooms 3

Average full baths 2

Average half baths 1

Average days on market 96

Average list price $ 260,951
Average sale price $ 253,394

Which Westerville? Is the CNNMoney.com median price for the Westerville School District and Westerville mailing address (zip codes 43081 and 43082) townships:

Sold – 812 Properties Found


Average square feet 2224

Average bedrooms 3

Average full baths 2

Average half baths 1

Average days on market 92

Average list price $ 250,926

Average sale price $ 243,698

What other homes are in the Westerville School District but do not necessarily have a Westerville mailing address (zip code)? Homes in the Village of Minerva Park, a vast number of homes in the City of Columbus, some homes in townships in Franklin and Delaware County which are within the Westerville School District.   

Which Westerville? Is the CNNMoney.com Westerville homes, homes in the Westerville School District regardless of zip code:

Sold – 1122 Properties Found


Average square feet 1996

Average bedrooms 3

Average full baths 1

Average half baths 1

Average days on market 88

Average list price $ 222,404 Average sale price $ 216,373Home price?  Is CNNMoney.com using just single family homes?  Does it matter?  Average sale price of a condo in zip codes 43081 and 43082 (mailing address Westerville) in 2006 was $ 154,720.   If the CNNMoney.com median is $200,889 for Westerville homes includes condos (they are homes) it would pull that median down… I am guessing the CNNMoney.com may just be single family homes. Who knows? Maybe if I read it cover to cover I can see what is apples and what is oranges. Median vs. Average is a whole ‘nuther discussion.Westerville and Gahanna make the top 100 best cities list City of Westerville website

Westerville Visitors and Convention Bureau 

Westerville School District

Am I going to do the same thing for Gahanna? (#96 on the list) on CNNMoney.com?  No way!  No offense.  I love Gahanna.  This was too much work for a blog entry though.

Median price for Westerville (City of Westerville) by month is on this entry on Discover Columbus from February 2007.

1/06 $181,000, 2/06 $180,000, 3/06 $199,000, 4/06 $195,000, 5/06 $197,000, 6/06 $218,000, 7/06 $199,000, 8/06 $180,000, 9/06  $220,000,10/ 06 $180,000, 11/06 $215,000, 12/06 $196,000

What zip code do you wanna buy a house in?

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