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by Maureen McCabe on July 2, 2007

New site. Barret Niehaus a real estate agent in Washington State introduced me to WalkScore.com on his ActiveRain blog entry  How Walkable is Your Clients Neighborhood?

Walk Scores based on address:

 90 – 100 = Walkers’ Paradise: Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without owning a car.
70 – 90 = Very Walkable: It’s possible to get by without owning a car.
50 – 70 = Some Walkable Locations: Some stores and amenities are within walking distance, but many everyday trips still require a car.
25 – 50 = Not Walkable: Only a few destinations are within easy walking range. For most errands, driving is a must.
0 – 25 = Driving Only: Virtually no neighborhood destinations within walking range. You can walk from your house to your car!

Mapping hmmm do they make adjustments for areas with no sidewalks?  Areas with sidewalks within the subdivision but the main streets don’t have sidewalks?  Do areas that get snow that have no sidewalks get scored down more than an area with more temparate climate (no mounds of snow on the main streets ) with out sidewalks.   

I tried some addresses I am familiar with.  An Old Worthington address at the ccorner of New England and Oxford Street gets a score of 68?  Walk to the sub shop, Graeters,  restauarants, the drug store…

That should score ought to go down since the Jubillee closed, WalkScore.com is  still howing the distance to the Jubilee.

What really surprises me is how close the Old Worthington score is to an address in the area notrth of 270. An address in the area north of 270 scored 52 out of 100 on WalkScore.com when I checked both upon reading about the site.

Walk Score: 52 out of 100 in the area north of 270 but south of the Franklin County line?  Near Park Rd. and Worthington Galena.  Without sidewalks? Yes it is only 1/2 mile to a great Indian Grocery Store, 3/4 of a mile to Kroger or a Mexican grocery store… a Turkish Restaurant, Anatolia Cafe is only 0.44 miles. Within the neighborhood you have sidewalks but not out along Park Rd. Worthington Galena Road, Sancus Rd.

This unwalkable Worthington area (north of 270… it is the city of Columbus, Worthington School district.)

It’s been updated, the Jubilee in Old Worthington  is gone…Walk Score: 64 out of 100 Old Worthington (corner of New England and Oxford Street)  score slipped by four points. 

The area mentioned above, near the  corner of Park and Worthington Galena slipped five  points in a few days too.    Walk Score: 47 out of 100

Other areas I wondered about:

Golf Village  in Powell  ”Walk Score: 20 out of 100″

Weldon Park (east of 71 S. of Oakland Park) “Walk Score: 42 out of 100″

South Clintonville  (South of Okaland Park) “Walk Score: 71 out of 100″

Not satisfied I’m going back for more…

Weldon Park (east of 71 S. of Oakland Park

Far north side Worthington Galena / Park Rd. area “Walk Score: 47 out of 100″

Minerva Park (east of Cleveland west of Westerville Rd, south of 161 “Walk Score: 45 out of 100 MP”

Brookside Colony ( off Snouffer east of Sawmill) “ Walk Score: 22 out of 100″

Brookside Estates East “Walk Score: 7 out of 100″

Summerwood Neighborhood (north of 270 off Smokey Row at Sawbury ”Walk Score: 51 out of 100″

Salem Village Neighborhood (just west  I -71 south of 161  ”Walk Score: 44 out of 100″

The very worst:  Grove City (far south east side)  neighborhood is called Hennigan’s Grove, it really is out in the country.   “Walk Score: 4 out of 100″

The one I feel worst about Village of Riverlea  “Walk Score: 31 out of 100″

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