Upper Arlington area is #20

by Maureen McCabe on May 16, 2010

Upper Arlington “area” is #20 of ’365 Places to Live in Columbus.’  Columbus meaning Greater Columbus, since Upper Arlington is now a city and has been one for years.

This old map shows more than just Upper Arlington, it shows the area.  I think it says it is showing up to where Bethel Rd. is now. The map is from 1883 according to UA Archives.  The map goes down to where 5th Avenue is, but it was all farmland.   I love looking at the names of the landowners and matching them up to street names.  Only one I  really see is McCoy.  Guessing McCoy Road was named after the landowners, more than one McCoy owner toward the toop,  left side  of map, you can see it better on a larger image on Flickr.

There are 177 photos from UA Archives |Upper Arlington History  on Flickr.   Much of the photos they’ve provided  are from The Norwester, a magazine published in the early 1900′s about life in Upper Arlington.

I love a quote on a number of the photos about why the land was chosen by King Thompson, about the location being “most suitable, most convenient and the most beautiful rolling, partly wooded Ohio farmland.” I wonder if the land identified on the map as Henry Miller was James Terrel Miller’s by the time it changed from farmland to residential property.  Size of that parcel seems to match the description :

Perhaps no other name is as synonymous with Upper Arlington as that of its founder, King Gibson Thompson. In 1913, with a clear vision of an “ideal community” King and his brother, Ben, purchased 840 acres of the “most suitable, most convenient and the most beautiful rolling, partly wooded Ohio farmland” from James Terrell Miller. The land appealed to the Thompsons as a residential site because of its location on high ground, its proximity to both downtown Columbus and The Ohio State University campus, and its position upwind from larger cities. The beautiful land that was once a “well-managed, immaculately kept, working farm” was subdivided into 2500 lots

Map of Franklin County, Ohio, 1883 (Upper Arlington Area)

Originally uploaded by UA Archives | Upper Arlington History

UA Archives  |Upper Arlington History believe the images (mostly photos)  are NO longer Copyrighted because of how long ago they were created, they have them labeled as such on their Flickr photo stream.

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