Theodore van Fossen – 1919 to 2010, Builder of Rush Creek in Worthington

by Maureen McCabe on December 22, 2010

Rush Creek Village - Worthington Ohio 1955

Theodore van Fossen the architect who designed Rush Creek Village passed away earlier this month.  I first saw on the PrairieMod site that the architect and builder of Rush Creek Village in Worthington died.  In Memorian Theodore van Fossen on PrarieMod has a link to the article  today by Jim Weiker in The Columbus Dispatch:

Theodore van Fossen | 1919-2010 Architect designed Rush Creek Village

Theodore van Fossen died December 9, 2010, according to today’s Columbus Dispatch article.

The article in the Sunday December 12, 2010 Columbus Dispatch about two new homes being built in Rush Creek Village said the families building the first homes in the Usonian neighborhood in decades met with van Fossen in Pennsylvania about the plans for their homes.  The Columbus Dispatch says van Fossen made one visit to Worthington in the past few years during the planning of the two new Rush Creek Village homes. The Columbus Dispatch article also says of the two remaining Rush Creek Village lots and the families who want to live there:

“The families also got help from a 1963 van Fossen Christmas card that showed where he would place imaginary homes on the lots.”

Before building Rush Creek Village,  Theodore van Fossen built a historic house on the east side (the Blacklick Worthington Ohio - Rush Creek Village signarea) that the Columbus Landmarks Foundation was trying to save a couple of years ago, the Gunning House, wow still on the market!

Theodore van Fossen was a Columbus native according to the Columbus Dispatch article today.  He worked with Frank Lloyd Wright on a house in Indiana, as a laborer.

Worthington’s Rush Creek Village

New Homes in Historic Worthington Neighborhood

This was originally posted on Worthington Old and News  – Worthington real estate, another site I write.  The two Rush Creek Village posts above are on those sites.

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