TEDx Columbus – Michael Wilkos – Surprise, It’s Columbus 2.0!

by Maureen McCabe on November 16, 2010

TEDx Columbus – Michael Wilkos – Surprise, It’s Columbus 2.0!

This was  my favorite TED talk this year… Wilkos is  a lover of math and statistics and cities.

This decade…. only place in Ohio where more people moved in than out… was Columbus.

Domestic arrivals

1. Cleveland
2. Dayton
3. Youngstown
4. Detroit
5. Akron

Domestic departure, people from Columbus relocate to

1. Phoenix
2. Dallas
3. Houston
4. Charlotte
5. Atlanta

That was based on 2008.

International arrivals…

The real growth is international arrivals to Columbus from Africa, Asia,  Mexico.

I love the story about what Chinese visitors remember about Columbus.


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