"Stray Cats Overrun German Village"

by Maureen McCabe on June 30, 2007


Channel 4 News had a story about stray cats and the “TNR” program a local group is doing. I missed it on TV but found this on the web. There is a video.

“Stray cats over run German Village”

The title of the article sounded funny but it is really a scary story about how fast those felines can reproduce. I talked to someone about T.N.R. (trap, neuter and release) a few years ago at the Worthington Pooch Parade (T.N.R. for felines, not canines.) I get it kind of.

From NBC news:

“One female cat can have three litters a year at an average of four kittens per litter,” Jeanne Tranter, a representative of Save the Wild Side, said. “It’s going to add up pretty quickly.”

In addition, a kitten can breed after only six months.”

Want a cat? Adopt a local adult cat from the Capital Area Humane Society for only $30, neutered (spayed), microchipped, shots. I believe it is a limited time offer; July 5th to the 8th. I have contact info for CAHS on my website MaureenMcCabe.com

Caesar, pictured above was a Columbus street cat. He lived on the west side (?) until a good Samaritan took him to CAHS. As an itty bitty kitty Caesar lived on the streets of Central Ohio from fall 2005 to early 2006. I’m glad someone took him to the Capital Area Humane Society.

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