Santa Claus in Worthington

by Maureen McCabe on November 25, 2007

Santa on the Worthington GreenSanta Claus hung out in front of the Worthington Inn all afternoon Sunday, November 25, 2007 meeting kids. However when the Worthington Police delivered Santa to the Worthington Green for the Tree Lighting he seemed disoriented, saying something about being in Westerville…

Westerville, Worthington, I guess when you only visit a couple of times each year, you could get the two Central Ohio communities confused.  He’ll have his reindeer to help him out on December 24 when he comes back to deliver the goods.

It was raining pretty good by the time Santa got to the Worthington Green for the treeWorthington Green Christmas Tree 2007 lighting at 5:30. A few Christmas carols were sung by candle light. There were lots of umbrellas as you can see of the photo of the tree on the south- east quadrant of the Worthington Green.

We got there late afternoon, walked up and down the street, took lots of photos that did not turn out, got coffee at the Mean Bean and listened to e Christmas carols in the rain.

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1 Moni November 26, 2007 at 06:47 pm

I love listening to Christmas carols…even in the rain I bet it sounds so sweet.

2 Maureen McCabe November 26, 2007 at 07:42 pm

It was great despite the rain. Thanks for the comment Monika.

Worthington is the little New England Village (now a city built around the little New England Village ) in Central Ohio. It’s nice to have a comment from some one in New England. I know the people who settled Worthington were from CT and one otther New England State ( I have to use abbreviations so as not to show my stupidity when it comes to state names… I think it was Massachusetts and Connecticut (?) OK there I tried I tried and hopefully did not embarass mysellf. Those are the two New England States I never know where the double letters go. Why couldn’t Worthington have been settled by people from New Hampshire and Vermont? Those I have no trouble spelling…

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