Riverlea is pronounced…

by Maureen McCabe on May 20, 2010

Riverlea is pronounced “river-lee”


Most people pronounce Riverlea, River-lee but occasionally you hear someone pronounce it “River-lee -a.”   I went to a function on the Worthington Green once and a Riverlea resident and dignitary at the event pronounced his village’s name as River-lee-a.

Riverlea is a village in Central Ohio… Riverlea is an enclave….  I think.  I learned the word enclave from Wikipedia, an enclave is surrounded by another city.  Riverlea is surrounded on three sides by the City of Worthington… the west side is on the Olentangy River.  The village’s website says Riverlea is a non- charter village.

Their website gives these directions for finding them:

“Riverlea is located North of Columbus and South of Downtown Worthington. The only roads into Riverlea are Southington Avenue and Riverglen Drive, both off High Street and off Olentangy Boulevard which connects to West South Street. ”

You can not miss it…  Riverlea.

Of course those are the only two entrances from High Street… but you can “sneak” in on Olentangy Boulevard from Worthington… from the north…

Riverlea is in the Worthington School District.

Riverlea is served by Worthington police and fire.  A year or so ago Riverlea looked at other options for police and fire but stayed with Worthington.

Riverlea is totally residential.  No shops, no restaurants…  Riverlea is  just a short walk to Old Worthington or head in the opposite direction and you’ll hit Graceland.

Riverlea Website

Homes in Riverlea are mixed in with Worthington in our MLS  (the Columbus Board of Realtors mulitiple listing service.)   Riverlea and Worthington homes for sale – search

Originally posted on ‘Worthington Old and News’  another site, I write.  Riverlea is # 23 of 365 Places to Live in Columbus.’   The homes for sale search link will take you to the Real Living HER home search.  Based on using that search you will be offered the opportunity to receive listings directly from the Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS.

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