Riverlea Annexation Opposition

by Maureen McCabe on October 20, 2011


Riverlea sign

Village of Riverlea, Ohio

I got to interview the Opposition Forces for the Riverlea Annexation, Gregory Bonk.   His website is:  Against Annexation

1. Who gets to vote on annexation? Riverlea residents? or Riverlea and Worthington residents?

Both Riverlea and Worthington Residents will be voting on the issue. It appears as issue #60 on the ballot

2. How organized are the opposition forces? What are they willing to do? Are there Worthington residents opposed to annexing Riverlea? What’s in it for them (Worthington residents), either way? Can you say who other than you are opposed to annexation to Worthington?

“We” at the moment is really only “I” and a couple of other residents that have openly expressed opposition. I’m just a Riverlea resident that wants to make people aware that there is another side. I started this because I was surprised by the number of villagers that I talked to sounded like that being annexed by Worthington was the only option and they had resigned to the inevitability.

3. The population of Riverlea is what 425? If Worthington residents are for annexation does it matter if a percentage of Riverlea residents do not want to be annexed?

Both Riverlea and Worthington must separately pass the annexation with a 50% + 1 vote. If either Riverlea or Worthington do not pass the issue then the annexation will not happen.

4. Your website says “Protect our property values” the real estate agent in me can not help but ask if the value of properties in Riverlea will go down if the village is annexed to the city of Worthington? Are the vacant lots in Riverlea worth more if Riverlea remains a village?

There are a lot of factors that determine property value. I have what is currently a buildable lot without any request for a variance. The “build-ability” may or may not be effected or possibly require a variance if we become part of Worthington due to the zoning that will be assigned. Additionally, I’m concerned with the possibility of changes in traffic through the village. When the village was first founded the council intentionally blocked side streets into the village, even Olentangy Blvd was blocked for a time. It’s not the Worthington’s Council intent to ever open up streets but if we become a part of Worthington, they would have the right to do that.

5. Does Worthington want to annex Riverlea? If Worthington does not annex Riverlea but the majority of Riverlea does not want to be annexed will those who want to be annexed consider annexation to Columbus? Is City of Columbus the boogie man?

It is difficult to know if the majority of Worthington is supporting or against Riverlea being annexed. The election will certainly bring that to light. A group of villagers certainly could circulate a petition to join Columbus, and then this would start all over again.

Contact Gregory if you are interested in joining the Opposition Forces.  You can contact him through a Facebook page:

Against Annexation of Riverlea Ohio or follow Greg Bonk on Twitter @BONKIT


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