Rebirth: 365 Places to Live in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on January 29, 2013

Welcome to Clintonville sign at Worthington city lineThe Rebirth of  ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’ could happen this week….  Do you see the ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’ tab on the top of Really the tab is just called ’365 Places.’  The tab is next to the ’365 Things’ tab.

’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ is a Facebook page.  Things are events or places.  There is a link to that Facebook Page on the sidebar here.

The ’365 Places’ tab has been there on top of for a few years now.  I posted something to ’365 Places’  in January 2013.  I did not post the post to Facebook until I decided to “rebirth” the  ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’ idea and kill another real estate page on Facebook.  Maybe resurrect is the more proper word than “rebirth.”

’365 Places to live in Columbus’  has always been a Facebook page.  I am NOT a big fan of Facebook. Everyone else in the world seems to love Facebook.

I may have to kill another Facebook page or maybe two.

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