Powell Property Participates…

by Maureen McCabe on October 30, 2007

National Open House Sunday November 4, 2007

A Powell property is participating in a National Open House Sunday.  That Golf Village home is the first Central Ohio property on the national list… so far it is the only property in Central Ohio that is participating in the “first”  National Open House Sunday – November 4, 2007…

Which house?  Edit Link Removed I am no longer marketing the property  in “The Retreat” at Golf Village neighborhood is  the only Central Ohio house on the “first”  National  Open House Sunday…. As of Tuesday there are 22 states represented but I don’t think there are one hundred homes on the list yet.

The Best open house list in Central Ohio is available on my website… the Real Living HER Open House List.  The current Real Living HER Open House List  has 177 open house opportunities (as of Tuesday morning… it will probably grow as the week goes on) for buyers, but the Real Living HER Open House list includes new construction and other homes held open other than the traditional Sunday open house. 

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