Ostrander Ohio the party goes on..

by Maureen McCabe on July 5, 2010

Ostrander Ohio the 4th of July party goes on today…  July 5th.

Too late for the parade… but concessions, rides, games.

According to the official Columbus Dispatch article about the 2010 July 4th Celebrations events:

“10 a.m.: Parade begins on Main Street followed by concessions, rides and games on the lawn of Buckeye Valley West Elementary.”

I don’t see anything about fireworks in Ostrander in the list on the Columbus Dispatch site…   July 4th Celebrations 2010  but WikiAnswers has a question from someone about when the Ostrander Ohio fireworks are.

Ostrander Ohio is going to be a # on both’365 Things to Do In Columbus Ohio’ and  ’365 Places to Live in Columbus.’

Where is Ostrander Ohio?  Southern Delaware County.   It’s in the Buckeye Valley schools… it is a little village.  There are a lot of newer homes in Ostrander.  One of my favorite builders was very, very active out there.  Ostrander homes for sale *  Ostrander is a little village in the country.  I am not sure a lot of the new construction is in the village….  I assume it is in the township and has an Ostrander mailing address.

I met the Mayor of Ostrander once… years ago.  The real mayor, not someone with a Foursquare Badge.  I am not sure if he is still the mayor of Ostrander.

Check the Columbus Dispatch list… it looks like there may be one local community doing fireworks tonight if you really, really need a fireworks fix…

If you search for homes in Ostrander with the link above you will be directed to the Real Living HER search on my CbusHomeSearch.com  site.  You will be offered the opportunity to receive listings directly from the Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS.

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