Old Worthington

by Maureen McCabe on May 8, 2010

Old Worthington is #11 of  ’365 Places to Live in Columbus.’ I have a whole site about Worthington, called Worthington Old and News. If you appreciate old homes you will like Old Worthington.   Old Worthington which will soon be listed as a district on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Old Worthington Association has worked on that for over a decade.

There are already a number of individual Old Worthington  properties on the National Register of Historic Places.

Worthington has long had a system in place for architectural review of  changes.

The sign above is an old one.

The Old Worthington home pictured here is NOT for sale.  The sign in the yard of this house reminds me of going to a hearing about improvements to this house a few years back…   The sign outside tells the neighbors and anyone interested about a hearing about improvements the seller wants to make to the property.    Oxford St. with hearing sign 2010

As I recall the house pictured which NOW has a blue sign in the yard was built in the 1850s.

From the Worthington Old and News site a couple of years ago…

The architectural review board is the five member Worthington planning commission plus two people “one of whom must be a resident freeholder of the Architectural Review District” according to the rules.

An agent in my office was on the Architectural Review Board when I went to lend moral support to clients who were summoned to talk to the Worthington Architectural Review Board about changes they had made to their Old Worthington home without asking permission first. Someday I may write about that night.*

The Architectural Review Board meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Worthington Municipal Building at 6550 N. High St. I believe both the Planning Commission and the Architectural Review Board take the month of August off.

The  City of Worthington has lots of information about the architectural review district and more.

* Not ready yet…

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