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by Maureen McCabe on December 5, 2007


Monday Blame “Sex in the City”

Tuesday’s installment in the Columbus Dispatch series about Ohio’s big cities is about Dayton, Ohio. On the brink: Dayton, City of invention seeks to dream up a future  I moved to Columbus from Dayton… long ago. Or I say I moved from Dayton but I never lived in the city of Dayton. I lived in West Carrollton, a suburb of Dayton…. We bought a house in West Carrollton in the late 80′s for under 60K.

When my husband was transfered to Columbus in 1990 we bought a ten year old house that was in the City of Columbus, in the Dublin school district. It seemed like there were more choice in housing in Columbus. Bigger city or just plain different?

The moving van driver who moved us from West Carrollton Ohio to Columbus, Ohio 43235 was concerned that our house was not inside 270…. he said inside 270 was bad… outside 270 was good. Our house was inside 270, off Snouffer Rd. between Sawmill and Smokey Row. The moving van driver was relieved we were only a little bit inside 270, the north outer-belt.

In an audio comment(mp3) Ohio Suburbs in the Columbus Dispatch series Bruce Katz of the Brooking Institute commented our Ohio suburbs today are still 1950′s suburbs… we are still building 1950′s suburbs in 2007, in Ohio… Give it a listen to the experts  solutions for Ohio’s big cities and their suburbs in this and the other audio comments online.

Teri Lussier a woman I know in the Dayton area wrote about the Columbus Dispatch series about big Ohio cities on Dayton OS Monday (and gave me a link… Thanks Teri!) “Solving Dayton’s problems: Whiners and wimps need not apply” Teri lives in Huber Heights Ohio, a suburb northeast of Dayton. Teri wrote a rant today, “It’s education, Stoopid” on Dayton OS Tuesday. I guess she’s disappointed the Columbus Dispatch didn’t publish the formula to make Dayton all better… Teri wrote:

“Gawd I hate these news stories that are not news. They talk to Nan Whaley and Rhine McLin and paint their doom and gloom picture and ohbloodyhell! Where’s the beef? Do they offer solutions? No. Oh wait, let me guess. That’s going to be in Sunday’s Edition.”

Psst Teri… The Columbus Dispatch is written for Columbus people… it may be old news to you but to us in Columbus it’s news… Yes we know about the Wright Brothers but a lot of the rest of the history, politics, economy of Dayton is new to most Columbusites.I’ve heard of Rhine McLin  but could not have told you she was the  Mayor of Dayton.  Nan Whaley (City Commissioner) is a new character to me. 

Maybe the Columbus Dispatch will wrap it up nicely in next Sunday’s issue and publish the solution for Dayton. Maybe some of the answers were in the two articles… last Sunday. Maybe the solution is on the Columbus Dispatch website in the audio comments in the Dispatch Special Report.  Is Katz talking Dayton Ohio? No, he’s talking Ohio’s big cities including Dayton… and the whole ball of wax, the Ohio big cities and their suburbs.

The Columbus Dispatch wrote about Cleveland yesterday too… I’ll have to check to see if the Columbus newspaper reporters solved Clevelands problems for them… Nope, the Columbus Dispatch just told the Columbus readers about Cleveland…

I particularly enjoyed the part of the article where Nan Whaley described the Dayton “spirit” after reading the rant.

“Whaley quickly learned that Daytonians are no-nonsense folks, a mixture of Appalachians and minorities, sprinkled with a salt-of-the-earth pioneering spirit.

“There’s no sugarcoating anything in Dayton,” she said. “In this town, it’s ‘What have you done for me lately?’”

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1 Teri Lussier December 5, 2007 at 08:31 am

Hey Maureen-

I did warn my readers my post was uncharacteristicly ranty. :-)

I understand that the Columbus Dispatch is written for Columbus, and my beef is that law makers in Columbus appear, to this no-nonsense Daytonian, to be sitting on their hands instead of fixing education. Education funding in Ohio was declared unconstitutional years ago. Why has nothing been done?

As a fellow real estate professional, we both know that one of the first questions buyers ask us is for information about schools. Even buyers without children, buyers with no intention of having children, want to know about “good” schools.

If newspapers and law makers would like to improve Ohio’s cities, increase jobs for Ohio, they need to spend time discussing and creating real solutions to funding all Ohio schools equitably.

Yes, my frustration with this is such that I can no longer discuss it calmly. I don’t know why education funding in Ohio is still unconstitutional. At this point I don’t care. If my ranty little post can get a fire started under someone’s back side, then I’m happy to rant.

And as always, thanks for the mention!

2 Maureen McCabe December 5, 2007 at 11:34 am

I’m not a fan of rants.

Or politics.

Or DaytonOS I guess.

I have probably been a real estate agent too long before becoming a blogger to get carried away by passion and politics, especially when it comes to schools. Especially when it comes to judging what are good schools and what are bad schools. I don’t decide or help buyers decide what are good schools, and what aren’t for the purpose of educating their kids or for a home’s resale value. Wouldn’t that be steering?

It’s not like the Columbus Dispatch hasn’t covered the school funding issue before. I will forgive the writers if that’s not a focus in this series, although education was mentioned in the first article in the series.

I don’t think the article is written to the legislature… they can read the Columbus Dispatch series but they are probably more aware of facts about Ohio cities than the average Columbusite. It is written to the public IMHO.

The City of Columbus grew by annexing land in the pre-existing school districts… good move or not? Columbus has grown… biggest sprawler in the state because of annexing land for development. I think that started in the 1970′s??? I wonder if that will be part of the article about Columbus… if the series is going to have an article about Columbus… I’m assuming it will but I’ll wait and see.

Akron was the city today….I don’t think there was anything about the schools in that area though either, in the Columbus Dispatch series.

3 Teri Lussier December 5, 2007 at 02:02 pm

Maureen, I never said I point buyers in the direction of particular schools. I have no idea what someone means when they ask me about “good schools”, I simply said that buyers do ask about schools, and they ask using the words “good schools”. If they ask, I give them Ohio edu website and let them decide where they choose to live.

I absolutely feel passionately about schools! I’m a Realtor, but I’m also a parent. I have children in schools and have volunteered in schools and have seen first hand the issues that schools face as they try to educate children, conform to state and federal regualtions, but without our elected officials in Columbus changing school funding. It’s an extraordinarily frustrating situation for parents and teachers.

>I’m not a fan of rants.

>Or politics.

>Or DaytonOS I guess.

I’ll keep that in mind. :-)

4 Maureen McCabe December 5, 2007 at 02:41 pm

I did not think you said you pointed people in the direction of a particular school or away from a particular school.

5 Maureen McCabe January 4, 2008 at 09:58 am

To the person writing sordid comments about a Columbus Public School teacher on this blog and my other:

Stop it. Move along.

If you know something that disturbing report it to the Columbus Police or the Columbus Public Schools.

My comments are moderated you are wasting time trying to pass on rumors about a teacher here.

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