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by Maureen McCabe on February 28, 2008

update being added to the ’365 Places to Live’ in Columbus’ May 10, 2010

Seth Godin started it. I am not that political… I would never run for public office but Seth Marketing Guru Godin said I (and all Realtors) could be the mayor of a local ZIP code by doing a page (lens) on Squidoo. So I did one.

I am the mayor of Columbus Ohio 43085

I am the mayor of Columbus 43085… on Squidoo anyway. Not to be confused with being the mayor of Worthington 43085. Worthington really does have a mayor… Columbus does too of course, just not a mayor for each ZIP code. Mayor Michael Coleman is the mayor of all the ZIP codes in Columbus Ohio…

What does being a mayor on Squidoo mean? Restaurants… a catchy question, a sports team.. and stats. Being the mayor of a ZIP code means sharing the weather according to Squidoo.

Click for Columbus, Ohio Forecast"

Above is the weather for 43235… I was actually kind of trying to find a weather widget that breaks it down to ZIP code. I pulled this weather widget up using the 43235 ZIP code, so I am disappointed that it says Columbus Ohio but maybe it is not just 43235, maybe it is a bunch of ZIP codes.

For anyone who cares… 43235 is the West Worthington ZIP code. It was part of the 43085 ZIP code until the late 80′s I believe. The post office is on Nicholas Rd, south of 161 (Linworth area) where the cows are…

Parts of the 43235 ZIP are in the Worthington, Dublin or Columbus school districts. It can be confusing.

I wish I could do a Google map of the 43235 ZIP code area to embed here. Squidoo uses a Google map… doesn’t show you outlines of the boundaries… This site uses a Google.

ZIP code map – Feed in 43235 and it will give you the shape of a ZIP and the surrounding ZIP codes. Then it tells you:

“The USPS considers zip codes to be delivery routes instead of areas. There may be differences between this depiction and actual zip code mailing address.”

Stats from for the 43235 ZIP code:

<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Demographic Information (education, median income, occupation) for ZIP Code 43235 in COLUMBUS, OH</a>

Feb. 26, 2008 – Columbus Ohio 43085

Feb. 25, 2008 – I am the mayor of Columbus Ohio 43085

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1 Tina February 29, 2008 at 09:25 pm

I thinik you may be the mayor of Virtual Columbus…

2 Maureen McCabe March 1, 2008 at 09:24 am

hmmmmm I wish I could find a virtual bank that would take all the virtual checks for the virtual real estate commissions…

I realize I blew it… I need the three school district links etc. here if I am to be the mayor of 43235… or links / info to something notable in 43235 (the ZIP code is pretty much totally residential with a spinkling of strip malls…. other than the OSU cows? )

The mayor of 43235 has a cold and I really rushed doing this one yesterday. ick

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