Jerome Village: Nine Styles that Work

by Maureen McCabe on February 11, 2013

Jerome Village Welcome Center Nationwide Realtor Investors

Home styles…  there are nine home styles that work in Jerome Village, the site of the 2013 BIA  Parade of  Homes.  I  understand these nine styles are the styles for the whole Union County community for the entire time it takes to “build out” the development.    I have heard estimates it will take 20 years to build out the  Jerome Village development.   Jerome Village is in Jerome Township, in Union County, Ohio where the unincorporated community of Jerome has been for a long time.  Where in the world is Jerome?

The nine home styles that work in  Jerome Village are:

  1. Colonial
  2. Greek Revival
  3. Georgian
  4. Federal
  5. Queen Anne
  6. Italianate
  7. Shingle
  8. Craftsman
  9. Bungalow

New England Homes at Ackerly Park, New AlbanyI think… Correct me if I am wrong.  I am doing this from memory, from something I read about Jerome Village.  The nine home styles are historical home styles.  The nine home styles are naturally occurring throughout central Ohio…. you will find those nine styles of homes sprinkled in neighborhoods in  older setions of Dublin, Westerville and Worthington.  You will find some of the home styles in neighborhoods in Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights as well as older neighborhoods in the City of Columbus.

There are “lots” of styles to choose from in the community that will be the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes. OK nine styles is “many.”  There are many styles to choose from in the Jerome Village community.

Jerome Village home styles you won’t find

You are not going to find Tudor, International, Shotgun, Mid-Century Modern (mid 1900s)  or  Prairie style homes in the mix at Jerome Village in the Glacier Ridge section, the site of the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes.   Or later sections.  Nor will you find “fanciful” or functional  farmhouses in the newest development in Dublin schools.  Or maybe “farm house” is not a home style.   I had a listing in Old Worthington that everyone called a “farm house.”

Styles that will work in Jerome Village

The styles that work in Jerome Village are many of the home styles that homes were built in, in the United States before World War II!  The home styles are styles that were not mass produced for the most part.    Or maybe I am just imagining the connection between the styles that will work at Jerome Village.

Colonial or Georgian or Federal

The plan for  nine residential styles is certainly less restrictive than the plan for New Albany.  In the early 1990s New Albany was in the news for the plan to rebuild a timeless community based on Richmond Virginia.  I believe New Albany was the site of both the 1992 and 1993 BIA Parade of Homes as well as the 2010 event.

I took a lot of architecture courses in college but I have a hard time sometimes telling Georgian from Federal from Colonial today.  Or Colonial Revival… It was easier in art history architecture classes in college to tell a Georgian from a Federal.  I use my photo of the 2010 New England Homes entry to illustrate posts on this site about the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes because I believe it would fit.  I believe the home pictured is a Federal style home.  If the BIA Parade of Homes entry at Ackerly Park in 2010 was not Federal then  it’s Georgian or Colonial…  I think.

The photo at the top is the Welcome Center at Jerome Village.  It is an old home.  It is a pretty old home.  The home  is not for sale (you are smart, you knew that right?)  I wonder if it is a Colonial Revival style home with a wraparound  porch?

The 2013 BIA Parade of Homes at Jerome Village  is June 15 to the 30th.   There are twelve homes and eleven builders in the 2013 BIA Parade of  Homes at Jerome Village.   I work with one of the builders, New England Homes Ohio as a member of the HER Realtors Builder Developer Division.




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