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by Maureen McCabe on October 14, 2010

An old house in New Albany? New house doctored photo

Haunted Ohio lots of Columbus no Worthington on the list?

The Shadowlands Ohio has lots of haunted places in Central Ohio on the list but nothing in Worthington?

Worthington embraces “ghosts” see links below for some ghost stories from the Worthington Library.

Shadowlands says the Nationwide Arena is haunted, built on the Ohio Pen site. James Thurbers house was haunted of course… because it was near the insane asylum and a poor deranged soul stopped by when Thurber was a young man? Trying to remember if the poor deranged soul was dead or alive?  I don’t know that Thurber House is even on the list of  Haunted Ohio Places.   Or is it?  Too literary?

Granville has ghosts of course…Buxton Inn has a famous ghost but that is way out in Licking County.

Haunted Ohio lots of Columbus

Where is Walnut Knolls? Where is St. Pius X school? Where is “the Air and Space Museum” in Columbus?

Camp Chase? Fort Hayes High School Kelton House?   Of course… those make sense to me!  Wonder if it is Walhalla Road that is haunted or the whole ravine?

Children’s Hospital, Columbus State Community College, Ohio State University’s Mirror Lake are all haunted according to the list.

The Shadowlands Ohio Haunted Places site warns against visiting the sites they have listed. Trespassing.   Not because of the ghost but because they are secured, private, or patroled.  Much safer to visit the spooky sites online.

Haunted Ohio lots of ghosts in greater Columbus

Central Ohio suburbs.. I see Dublin in the list…the haunted golf course, Cheif Leatherlips, more of a springtime haunting.  I see at least one  Gahanna ghost on the list.  Who knew Gahanna – Jefferson High School gym would be haunted by someone dribbling a basketball in the dark?    A pizza hut in Hilliard? Or maybe it is Pizza Hut in Gahanna and an Arby’s in Hilliard? Haunted fast food places are funny to me.

It amazes me that there is no Powell, no Worthington or no Westerville on the Shadowlands list of haunted Ohio places. Not that I know of real ghosts in any of those cities, I just think of older houses and buildings spawning ghost stories.  I see old houses in Powell, Westerville and Worthington.

I was showing a HUD home in northeast Ohio to a client and she said as old as it was it had to be haunted. I did not think it was even that old. It may have been from the 1920′s?

Is the photo above some old drafty, “mansiony”, haunted house in Columbus? Nope. That house is in the Village of New Albany… that is a doctored up photo of a home in Ackerly Park in New Albany…built in 2010. Ackerly Park was the site of the 2010 Columbus BIA Parade of Homes. Ackerly Park is a beautiful neighborhood, walkable to shops, restaurants, etc. in the village. Ackerly Park is adjacent to a picturesque cemetery, should make Halloween fun for those who embrace fall spookiness.

The beautiful home pictured built by New England Homes has the “Amityville Horror House” windows up in the attic there… that may have been what inspired me to ghost the photo up a bit here.

Ackerly Park in New Albany – realism

Haunted Worthington Ohio

Worthington Medical College

Did Worthington’s ghost “Irwin” run a business of town?

Worthington Haunted or Just Historic?

This was originally posted on ColumbusBestBlog.com but a similar post will appear on ActiveRain.com and Discover Columbus Ohio, a Columbus real estate blog.   Mine, mine all mine.

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1 Jeff January 22, 2011 at 12:28 pm

The Gahanna gym story has been debunked many times, but they won’t pull it down.

1.) There is no “Gahanna-Jefferson High School.” That is the name of the school district. The name of the school is “Lincoln High School” sometimes refered to as “Gahanna Lincoln.” If they are talking about “Gahanna High School,” that was closed in 1927 when Lincoln opened merging Gahanna High School and Jefferson Township High School. (the Gahanna High Building sits on Short Street in Olde Gahanna but does not have a gym.)

2.) Many Athletic Staff members and Basketball Coaches have turned off the lights many times in that gym and have never heard a thing.

3.) They story says “west” basket. The baskets in that gym are on the north and south side.

2 Maureen McCabe January 23, 2011 at 11:21 am

thanks for the scoop Jeff.

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