Galloway is Scottish not Irish

by Maureen McCabe on March 16, 2007

soccer ballFootball is soccer in the US. It’s March Madness, OSU is in Lexington and Nationwide Arena is hosting basketball teams from around the US but here I am on 3-16-2007 trying to figure out who the Hibernain Football Club is? Where the Hibernian Football Club is?

A Scottish blog, linked to my blog yesterday about Central Ohio Celtic Pubs and to a blog about ‘football” Hibeesbounce entry in a blog about a soccer team called the Hibernian F.C.

F.C. means football club? European football club is soccer… I assumed it was an Irish soccer club because I thought Hibernian meant Irish.. and it turns out it does. Or did in 1875 when the Hibernian F.C. was established in Edinburgh Scotland by Irish immigrants to Scotland.

And looking at the Scottish Blogh* I am confused by entries from the future.. 11-3-2007, 8-3-2007… how could there be entries from November and August? Then I remember..

I know Ireland from Scotland but I get Scottish and Irish confused, if that makes any sense. Maybe I knew before that Galloway on the westside of Columbus was named after a place in Scotland not a place in Ireland. Maybe now that I’m bloghing (*blogh sounds kinda Gaelic when you write it that way… I was looking for Dublin Ohio blogs and found a blog called Barbara’s Bleeuugh… in Dublin Ireland ) committing that Galloway is named after a place in Scotland to writing may help me remember. Next year. I am really only Irish in March… well and in August for the Dublin Ohio Irish festival…. I just have an Irish name and an Irish face.

Galway is in Ireland. Galloway is in Scotland. I could be mistaken but I think both are on the west coasts of their respective islands…

I have enough trouble with US geography… but I do pretty good around Central Ohio. Galloway is /was a village west of Columbus. The most famous resident was John W. Galbreath. The most famous place in Galloway is Darby Dan Farms. Most of the Galloway zip code, 43119 is in the city of Columbus now or rural areas on the west side of Franklin County. Maybe I will remember now that Galloway is Scottish … now that I am bloghing about it.

It seems the Hibernian F.C. has a very important game on Sunday.

I found an Irish blogh ‘an seanchai’ that says:

“Blogh is the Gaelic word for a snippet of information, an anecdote or a vignette. In techie Gaelic, blogh is the word for a fragment of data on a hard drive.”

Name change… this is Columbus Best Blogh for a day or two… until St. Patrick’s Day is over and the Hibernian F.C. has won their match Sunday…..

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