Far Northeat Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on May 4, 2010

Map puzzle FAR NE ColumbusColumbus? Westerville? Gahanna? Or Gahumbusville? Gahumbusville is in Franklin County, far northeast Franklin County. Far northeast Columbus.

Gahumbusville is just south of 161.

Gahumbusville is in the 43230 ZIP code. Not all of the 43230 ZIP is Gahumbusville, the biggest chunk is Gahanna.

Gahumbusville is a very pretty area. Blendon Woods is in the Gahumbusville area… or wait maybe Blendon Woods in Gahumbusany?

If you have a Gahanna mailing address and live in the city of Columbus in the Westerville school district you live in what I am calling Gahumbusville.

I asked a man if he was the John Doe* in Bexley, Delaware, Groveport, Reynoldsburg, or Westerville. It is a common name. He said he is the John Doe who lives in Gahanna… I thought the public records had failed me… or maybe his current home is in his wife’s name. Or…. Turns out in talking with Mr. Doe further he lives in the City of Columbus, his mailing address is Gahanna and his house is in the Westerville school district… to me he lives in Westerville…. but maybe that’s because I am a REALTOR®, maybe if I was a mailman I would say Gahanna. Or if I was his next door neighbor… and my mailing address was Gahanna OH 43230 I would say I live in Gahanna.

Neighborhoods in Gahumbusville (City of Columbus, Westerville School District and Gahanna mailing address) include:

Blendon Grove
Broadview Farms
Cherrybottom Village
Ravines at Blendon
Strawberry Farms
Sunbury Lakes
Wellington Glen
Woods at Blendon Estates

Or homes in those neighborhoods are most likely in the City of Columbus, Westerville School District and the Gahanna ZIP code.

When looking at homes in a Central Ohio area like Gahumbusville if you want a particular school district you have to pay close attention. In some developments in Central Ohio you can drive a few houses up the street and be in a different school district. It has got to be confusing for people who are not from around these parts.

If you see a house listed as Westerville Schools and you are trying to keep your kids in the Westerville School District (or Gahanna, or Plain Local or Columbus or any school district), check the property records carefully… check the property records before you put in the offer. Mistakes are not common but they do happen. Each house is in a school district. Public records show the school district. Where your house is located (municipality, school district ) is easily verified in this day and age.

There are homes in the 43230 ZIP code that are in the New Albany Plain Local School District.. Of course there are neighborhoods in the 43230 area code that are in the Columbus School District as well…. Lots of people in the 43230 ZIP code live in Gahanna and the Gahanna Jefferson School District of course.

Or maybe the area where Mr. Doe lives is Columhannaville.

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent…

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