Facebook: 365 Places to Live in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on May 11, 2013

Welcome to Clintonville sign at Worthington city line

’365 Places to Live in Columbus‘ is a page on Facebook about central Ohio real estate, communities and neighborhoods.

’365 Places to Live in Columbus’  is also a category on ColumbusBestBlog.com.  The Facebook page  was created long, long ago and neglected for a long time.   ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’  is patterned after ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ which is also a Facebook page and a category on ColumbusBestBlog.com a site about the best in Columbus.  I, Maureen McCabe am just not that good at Facebook.  Personally I don’t really like Facebook that much.   I hoped early on that Facebook would go the way of MySpace.com.  Each time there is a study that says Facebook is no longer going to  be important I hope.   So far I have not got my way.  :  – (

Like on Facebook

I get that people like Facebook.  I like Facebook a lot more than I did when I joined…  I believe I joined Facebook as a person in 2007.   I liked Twitter a lot more than Facebook back then.

People, people who like people are the luckiest people

Song lyrics… I guess the song lyrics are “People who need people.”   The Facebook page ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’  is one of two  wait make that three Facebook real estate pages I started.   The page called ‘Discover Columbus’ which featured posts from the DiscoverColumbusOH.com site which is a real estate blog affiliated with the ActiveRain real estate network.  The ‘Discover Columbus’  page is scheduled to be deleted from Facebook.   Although more people Like the ‘Discover Columbus’ Facebook page than the ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’  Facebook page, the ‘Discover Columbus’ Facebook page must die.


The ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ page on Facebook is much more successful than any real estate page I have started.  There is a link to the ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ page on Facebook in the sidebar on ColumbusBestBlog.com. There is no link here to the ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’ page on Facebook.  The url  of the Facebook page is:

https://www.facebook.com/365PlacesColumbus  Village of Worthington sign

I could have simply linked my Facebook business page to my HER Realtors (the real estate brokerage was Real Living HER at the time but that’s another story) website… I did not.

Pages, pages that Like Pages…

Being kind of backward when it comes to Facebook,  I just discovered today that a number of Facebook pages like the ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ Facebook page.  Some of the Facebook pages I know like the COTA page.  The ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ page probably liked the COTA page first.  Not that riding the bus is necessarily a fun thing to do in Columbus. Riding the COTA bus can be part of taking part in events in central Ohio.   The ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’  Facebook page shared (re-shared) a Columbus event shared by COTA.

Pages who like pages

Nobody likes ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’   or no pages like the Facebook page… other than my three pages.   :- (

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