Downtown Central Ohio

by Maureen McCabe on September 6, 2007

Columbus map with gridA comment about Powell not having a downtown made me think about the suburbs of Columbus  which ones have downtown’s which ones don’t.   In ‘Fine dining guide to Columbus, Ohio - Central Ohio Restaurant reviews’  AKA, he wrote of Maca Cafe in Powell:

“Located behind what used to be Clara’s store in the center of Powell (I still can’t say downtown Powell) is Maca Cafe.”

Powell has a kinda sorta itty bitty downtown, the corner of Liberty Rd and Powell Road doesn’t it?  Lots of the newer stuff is outside of “downtown” Powell isn’t it?  Out west on Powell Road.    

Worthington has a downtown and Real Living has a video about it.  The Worthington video really focuses on downtown Worthington, Old Worthington.

Hilliard has a downtown…. 

Delaware is really a little far out to even be considered a suburb and when Real Living did a video they lumped Delaware (the city) with Powell.  To me they are to different to be lumped together.  I’d have lumped Lewis Center with Powell (and they are very different really) before Delaware (“city of”…  which does have a downtown see the Real Living  video on YouTube)  

Dublin’s got a downtown…

Grandview has a downtown.

Gahanna has a downtown. 

Westerville has an Uptown!

I have video’s about many of Columbus suburbs and neighborhoods on this page on  All of the video’s don’t necessarily focus on a communities downtowns. - Watch

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