Does this blog gossip?

by Maureen McCabe on August 24, 2007

My manager told me something on Thursday but he told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t  blog about it.  In fact he left me a very funny voice mail but I can’t tell you what he said in that message or what he said when we actually got to talk. 

It is a local real estate matter. 

He said something about “dirt” in his voice mail.  There is a new restaurant going in right near our office on High Street in Worthington.  He left me the message as he was leaving the office.  I thought it might be about the construction site (another agent and I talked about the site yesterday… why is it going so slow…??) I often ask my manager “the dirt” about what is happening when I see the blue signs pop up on High Street or in Old Worthington.  He always knows.  Wednesday his message was not about the dirt at the buiding site.

A Real Living song stars in a video about gossip “What Do You Think About That” (full length video) on CMT.  I wrote about the video here.  Columbus a little bit Country?

“little bit of gossip coming from loose lips”

I am not country, I am more classic Beatles… 

“Do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?”

I hate to think that other people think I am a gossip.  I posted an entry about some local real estate gossip a little over a year ago.  I was not 100%  comfortable doing so.  I thought about running it by my manager (same fella who called me about dirt on Wednesday)  before posting it but I never had before so I figured why start now… no one was reading my blog, it was like yelling into a void so why not just post it… my muse.  Cartoonish behavior.

I posted Why are They Sitting in a Tree?  

In my usual convoluted manner the post is about style and about a local cyber squatting case.  It got read… not greatly but it got read.  It got no comments for a few days.  It was no secret.  It was in the Columbus Dispatch, yet it felt gossipy in comparison to what I usually write about.

On August  2006 Sellsius Blog posted The Top Ten  Women Real Estate Bloggers  of 2006    and what entry  did they mention? 

“Maureen McCabe [Columbus Best Blog] Why are They Sitting in a Tree?”

Is it gossip if it is published in the Columbus Dispatch?   

 ”Do you want to know a secret?  

Do you promise not to tell?” 

I am the kind of person that friends tell deep dark secrets to.

Or I was before I started blogging. 

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