Dance Born in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on July 25, 2013

Dance born in Columbus, ‘The Madison’

‘The Madison’  is a line dance or stroll.

The Madison in ‘The Madison’ is Madison Avenue in New York but Wikipedia says the dance known as ‘The Madison’ was invented in Columbus, Ohio!

Hair Spray

A dance site has a Youtube video of the dance in the movie ‘Hair Spray.’  The movie ‘Hair Spray’ was set in Baltimore Step-by-Step  – The Madison Stroll.   The site also has the dance steps to ‘The Madison” including some of the call outs…

  • Cleveland Box
  • Basketball with the Wilt Chamberlain Hook
  • Jackie Gleason
  • Birdland

Other call outs you can hear in The Madison recordings from various artists include the Big M, T Time and the Double Cross.

Who says the dance was born in Columbus?

Who says ‘The Madison’ started in Columbus?  A one and a two and a three…

  1. Wikipedia
  3. The Ohio Sentinel

Wikipedia says the dance started in Columbus. The Wikipedia entry says Count Basie spread the dance to the rest of the US and Europe.   Can you believe everything you read on Wikipedia?  Probably not.  I do believe this is true.  There is a Columbus site is the foot note on the Wikipedia entry about  about the dance craze that  the dance known as ‘The Madison’ was born in Columbus, Ohio.  An article on written by Doug Tracy says the dance was invented in Columbus.  An old newspaper clipping from the Ohio Sentinel says it’s true:

“The Madison Dance Craze Started here in Columbus Town”  

The Columbus music site has a news-clip  of the Ohio Sentinel article,  “It’s  Madison Time”

There were a number of recordings of the music for the line dance.

The Ohio Sentinel Clipping says “the Madison Dance Started In Columbus.”  The Ohio Sentinel article by Lucius E. Lee written on June 18, 1960 says the dance started at a the LVA Club on Mt. Vernon Avenue in the late 1950s.   The clipping including a photo is on the Columbus Music History site.

Madison Dance Craze Started in Columbus”

The “Madison” in ‘The Madison’ is a place.  Madison Avenue in New York City.  The dance was directions. Lee’s Ohio Sentinel article says William “Bubbles” Holloway,a “mentor” of the LVA Club got directions from Madison Avenue to Birdland which spawned the dance that starts with your left foot.

The Youtube video above is a show that I believe was in Baltimore, Maryland, the video is “Dancin’ the Madison on “The Buddy Deane Show.” I wonder if anyone has videos from Columbus of ‘The Madison’ being danced, locally.

Googling the two phrases “Time Magazine Article” and “The Madison” together I pulled up TIME Magazine online which is kinda sort an advertisement to subscribe.  I am a TIME Magazine subscriber although my subscription is “ruuning out” or so the emails and subscription notices I’ve received almost the whole time I’ve been a subscriber tell me.  I am not going to link to TIME Magazine’s  “THE JUKEBOX: The Newest Shuffle” dated  April 4, 1960 which is about ‘The Madison’ nor am I going to  sign in to read more about the dance craze from a national perspective.  Maybe I will read about ‘The Madison’ in TIME Magazine later, before my subscription runs out.  The little blurb on TIME Magazine on the Internet about the dance called ‘The Madison’ that I see without signing in mentions Baltimore, Detroit and Cleveland. No mention of Columbus but TIME Magazine using late 1950s 1960ish racial language describes the dance as cropping up in particular neighborhoods in Midwestern cities, they say “about seven months ago.”

Interesting to read the 1960 TIMES Magazine language in July 2013.

Quoting TIME Magazine quoting one of  the  songs for ‘The Madison’ was danced to:

“Give me two up, two back, now hit the Big M. Erase it and back into the Madison.”

a dance born in Columbus.

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