Columbus Zoo – Good Luck Alligators

by Maureen McCabe on September 6, 2007

white alligator at the Columbus ZooGazing at a white alligator is good luck.   I guess you are supposed to gaze into their eyes.

I gazed… into the white alligators eyes.

The white alligator is a visitor at the Columbus Zoo I believe, I am not sure how long the visit is.  He is visiting from Florida I believe. 

The white alligator is an albino.  He (or she?) has pink eyes.

Alligator guests at the Columbus Zoo NOW also include two alligators a man in Westerville was keeping in his basement.  The Westerville man does reptile rescue? Sunday night a neighbor heard a scratching at her door and there was a six foot alligator there? 

The visitors were normal colored alligators I presume.  Not good luck to have alligators roaming the neighborhood.  According to what I read “Central Ohio residents surprised by visit from alligator” from: WBNS-TV,  no laws were broken, Ohio has no law against keeping exotic animals.  Could that could get you a place on the Rotten Neighbor Site  today? “He keeps alligators in the basement.”

We passed the “Circus House” (which is for sale now) in Victorian Village last Saturday and I mentioned legend that the Sells family kept elephants in the basement in the winter… I was ridiculed for believing that the Sells family kept elephants in their basement.  If people in 2007 can keep alligators in Westerville basments, isn’t it conceiveable that people in the 1800′s kept elephants in their basement?  They were circus folk…  their neighbors probably expected them to keep their elephants in the basement.

The Columbus Zoo is located north west of Columbus in southern Delaware County in the Powell area. 

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