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by Maureen McCabe on June 3, 2013

Columbus TrashGo is an email app that reminds you that tomorrow is your scheduled trash pick-up.  TrashGo works.

TrashGo on Twitter


Columbus Trash Pick-Up 2013: There’s an App for That

Trash Pick-up Holidays in the City of Columbus

Last Monday was Memorial Day so trash pick-up schedules last week moved back a day.

TrashGo emailed me a reminder about 5:30 on Sunday, June 2, 2013  that Monday morning bright and early the big green bin better be at the curb, or else.  The other colors in the Columbus trash pick-up spectrum received an email reminder from the TrashGo app the day before their new pick-up day.  The colors in the spectrum?  NAVY, PINK, GOLD, RUBY and I forget..  It is a four letter word… it a four letter name for a color.   BLUE?

The NAVY trash pick-up area in the City of Columbus has Monday pick-up until the Fourth of July again makes trash pick-up schedules move back a day.

TrashGo is an app for City of Columbus residents.  TrashGo is an email reminder sent late afternoon, early evening the day before your scheduled trash pick-up.  For anyone outside of the city of Columbus, the trash pick-up day  for Columbus residents moves back  a day after each observed holiday. Observed holidays can make trash day confusing in Columbus, the trash pick-up day moves after New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.   There’s been color coded trash pick-up schedule in Columbus for decades.    The revolving trash pick-up calendar is not rocket science, yet a holiday can cause some confusion.


TrashGo the email app was introduced in 2013.  I signed up for the email app in April 2013.

Live in  the city of Columbus? There is an app to tell you when your trash pick-up day is.  Go to TrashGo ( )   It’s a new Columbus Trash Reminder email app.  You don’t need no fancy smart phone… you don’t need a data plan.  You just need an  email address that you pay attention to.   My experience is the email comes in about 5:30 the night before trash day.

My mobile phone reminds me of the trash pick-up schedule, most weeks.   No email or don’t check your email religiously?  You’ll have to rely on your memory, using a phone to call the City of Columbus number to double-check.  645-NAVY is still in my phone contacts.

TrashGo tweets…

TrashGo is on Twitter…. more to promote the TrashGo email app than to let Columbus residents know to get their trash out to the curb.  TrashGo on Twitter is  the image above.  #Columbus

Columbus Trash Pick-Up Schedules 2013

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