Columbus Crime Countdown

by Maureen McCabe on December 28, 2012

Columbus sign chaned to read "Safe City"

Greater Columbus crime countdown

“Greater Columbus” or central Ohio as in City of Columbus and it’s suburbs.   The “Greater Columbus area is often called central Ohio. Columbus Business First titled the article I missed recently Countdown: Safest cities in Central Ohio… The Columbus Business First article was published Christmas Eve.  I must have been otherwise occupied.  Written by Evan Weese the Columbus Business First web coordinator the entry has the niftiest little app.  “Powered by: Caspio Instant Apps”  the data is 2011 crime data  from an FBI website about crime across the US.

Columbus Crime Countdown Spoiler Alert

I got so thrilled with the Columbus Business First / Caspio  app I missed the slide show on the Columbus Business First site.  The slide show shows 20 central Ohio communities from the most safe to least safe, if you missed it let me spoil it for you:

Countdown Central Ohio Safest Cities….

1. Grandview Heights
2. Pataskala*
3. Granville*

I am NOT going to spoil it for all of you.  Link is above.  Go to Columbus Business First and watch the slide show for your community.  Or the community you aspire to live in.  The rank for Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Hilliard, Powell, Upper Arlington and Worthington is there along with other central Ohio communities.  Is your central Ohio city there?  Is it there, on the list?  How does your central Ohio city rank against other central Ohio cities when it comes to safety?  Any surprises?

Remember Columbus Business First has a pay wall  non-subscribers only get to read a certain number of articles each month.  Maybe that is part of the reason I missed this article and others earlier.  I hesitate to post links to content where the reader are turned away unless they pay to subscribe.

Westerville and New Albany are NOT there, the Columbus Business First says so… along with a suburb on the south-east side of Columbus, that I really don’t care about…*  The Columbus Business First article identifies three notable communities that are not there.

Also missing…  s. Delaware, n. Franklin County

Also missing from the data is Lewis Center (but it is not really a city, it is a place but not a city, or a village for that matter.)   No Orange Township data that I can find on the list either.  I am curious.   Galena and  Sunbury are not there, I care about what crime is like there.  Or I am curious

Townships are hit or miss

While I see data for Perry Township in Franklin County, Ohio I do not see Sharon Township in Franklin County, Ohio.  Perry and Sharon townships are the unincorporated area near Worthington… so they interest me.  If Orange Township in Delaware County is not on the list I probably don’t need to look for Berlin Township in Delaware County either.   There is an area identified as  “Liberty TWP Ohio”?  I am guessing that is the Liberty Township down near Cincinnati and not the Liberty Township in Delaware County, Ohio.  The  violent crime rate  of that Liberty Township is higher than  the violent crime rate of Powell.  Powell is surrounded by Liberty and Orange townships in southern Delaware County, Ohio.  I would guess the crime rate is low.  I doubt crime is non- existent.  Perhaps violent crime is…   I am not being critical of Columbus Business First, the Caspio Instant App. (did I mention I love it? That app can probably expect a Valentine in February ) or the FBI crime data.

* I do not really work the Pataskala or Granville real estate markets, personally.  I have been to both and they are lovely communities.  Guessing has less readers there.  I live on the far north side of Columbus and work in a s. Delaware County, Ohio real estate office, I care about Columbus, Dublin, Grandview Heights,  New Albany,  Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville (there is no New Albany or Westerville data remember!), Worthington, etc.

Crime Countdown, does size matter

Sweet, little Grandview Heights is the safest city in central Ohio.

A big part of the story in Columbus Business First is that Columbus is a lot safer than other big cities in the state of Ohio.  Columbus population  787,609 (Columbus Business First says so… that number  looks right to me)  “has a violent crime rate of 6.58.”   The image is from an old post on  about crime / safety.   Columbus is safer than Akron, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo according to the nifty app and the data from Columbus Business First about the Columbus crime countdown.

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