Columbus Cost of Living Compared!

by Maureen McCabe on June 20, 2012

Columbus skyline
Moving to or from Columbus?  How do you expect your cost of living to change?  

Quoting the “Cost of Living Calculator”   here’s an example about a move to Columbus from another Ohio city: 

“If you move from Cleveland, OH to Columbus, OH….

Groceries will cost: 15% less

Housing will cost: 16% less

Utilities will cost: 1% more

Transportation will cost: 3% less

Healthcare will cost: 8% less”

Where do Columbus people come from?  People move from Cleveland to Columbus… and from Akron, Dayton, Youngstown.  People move to Columbus from Michigan.
Moving from Columbus?    Again quoting the ”Cost of Living Calculator”  

“If you move from Columbus, OH to Sarasota, FL….
Groceries will cost: 11% more

Housing will cost: 29% more

Utilities will cost: 3% less

Transportation will cost: 1% more

Healthcare will cost: 5% more

*People move from Columbus to sunnier climes. Or bigger cities.
Use the calculator on the CNNMoney site, the editors of Money Magazine.  ”How far will my salary go in another city?”   You put in your income, they tell you how much income you need in the destination city.

Is this current?  ” Data is generated from an average of the past four quarters ending December 2011.”  

I know I posted something about a calculator here before. 2009?  Longer ago than I would have thought.  Compare Columbus Cost of Living

Thanks to Brad Long a real estate agent with Keller Williams in Louisville Kentucky for the heads up about the current cost of living calculator.

Domestic arrivals, Moving to Columbus

1. Cleveland
2. Dayton
3. Youngstown
4. Detroit
5. Akron

Domestic departure, Moving from Columbus, people relocate to:

1. Phoenix
2. Dallas
3. Houston
4. Charlotte
5. Atlanta

Huh?  Not a Florida City there… I should have looked at the 2010 post before playing with the calculator.
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