Columbus Color Coded Trash Pick-Up Roulette

by Maureen McCabe on February 21, 2012

Columbus Color Coded Trash Pick-up…  Yesterday,  Monday was a holiday.  Forgive me for not saying “Happy Presidents Day” here.  Monday was a “Trash Pick-Up” holiday in the City of Columbus!

Phone numbers for the Columbus trash pick-up area you live in:

645 – GOLD (4653)

645-NAVY (6289)

645- PINK (7465)

645- RUBY (7829)

I can never think of the 5th color…this is like a crossword puzzle  4 letters for a color?  BLUE?

645-GRAY (4729)

I can never remember the 5th area’s color but I am not sure that it is always “GRAY” that I can not remember.  I think sometimes it’s been “RUBY” that I can not remember.  Maybe “GOLD.”  Remember with “GRAY” it is the US spelling NOT the British spelling.  Playing Quiddler last weekend we allowed the spelling “GREY”  The UK spelling was used by someone who is not necessarily the best speller.  I don’t think he was being  sophisticated or worldly.  Someone else  who lived in England for a short time approved the British spelling, “GREY.”  If I was in charge we never would have allowed it.  I play cut throat Scrabble.  I have only played Quiddler a couple of times.

I digress back to Columbus Color Coded Trash Pick-Up 

There is a place online (in the link above)  to find your address to find your color. 

There’s a chart with the 9 holidays and the 5 colored areas.

Dialing 645- NAVY If you live in NAVY…  your trash pick up was Friday before President’s Day.   It is now Monday, not yesterday because we had a holiday Monday…  next time trash day moves is Memorial Day.  This is a long stretch.

Happy Fat Tuesday (not a Trash Pick-Up Holiday obviously) and “Let the trash trucks roll…”

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