Columbus Adoptable Cats

by Maureen McCabe on May 30, 2013

A map of Columbus adoptable cats!  Places to look for adoptable felines throughout central Ohio.  The map is a Google map of  locations  of shelters and rescue groups from Adopt a Pet, they also did a map showing places to look for  Columbus Adoptable Dogs! which was posted on earlier this week.

Find Columbus Cats & Kittens
The Google map of central Ohio cat shelters and rescue groups was set up on the ‘Adopt a Pet’ site in April.

Looking at the map for the cat shelters I am familiar with I see Cozy Cat Cottage in Powell.

The link labeled  ‘Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center’ on the map in southern Delaware County goes to a listing on the directory on the ‘Adopt a Pet’ site.

The Google map says

“Many rescue groups do not have a physical location, and therefore all of the pins on this map are approximate within 43065. Contact information for pet listings, shelter locations, and shelter events can be found by following the links to”

Caesar the catOn the Adopt a Pet site there is a link to Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center’  there is information about the location of the adoption center, 62 Village Pointe Drive, Powell, Ohio 43065 (right off Powell Road west of Downtown Powell.)

Looking at ‘Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center’s’ page on the ‘Adopt a Pet’ site there are lots of local cats that need to be adopted including:

  • Arlo a male, adult domestic short hair
  • Whisper a female kitten (domestic short hair)
  • Kelso a male, kitten (domestic medium hair)
  • Lucy a young female, domestic short hair
  • Bitsy a young female, domestic short hair

Oooh I like the look of Bitsy, a resident of Cozy Cat Cottage… I wonder if Bitsy likes cuddling? Whether she enjoys being a lap cat?

There are pages and pages of Columbus cats at Cozy Cat Cottage, pictured on the ‘Adopt a Pet’ site (3 pages.)   You are able to get to the shelter’s page via the Google map.  The striped cat in the photo is my step-cat as a kitten.  He was adopted from the Capital Area Humane Society.   Capital Area Humane Society is not on the ‘Adopt a Pet’ dog map…  Not all local shelters and rescue groups for dogs and cats are on the website or the Google map.

The cat  photos and descriptions are on the ‘Adopt  a  Pet’  site for central Ohio and Columbus adoptable cats.

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