Clintonville Neighborhood

by Maureen McCabe on November 21, 2007

Clinonville Map’s new neighborhoods describes the Clintonville neighborhood as:

“About Clintonville Clinton is a village in Summit County, Ohio, United States. The population was 1,337 at the 2000 census.”

Someone in Clintonville or a Realtor will straightrn it out at some point.  The source of the info is Wikipedia.  It may be accurate info about the village in Summit County.

The houses and maps are for Clintonville the neighborhood or area on the north-side of Columbus in Franklin County.  The listings are for the area on the north-side of Columbus that is known as Clintonville.’s Neighborhoods says there are 246 homes for sale. Wouldn’t that be a lot for a village with less than 1400 residents? Figuring two people average for house, nearly half the homes in the village would be for sale. 

In case you can not tell, I am not a fan of is NOT the National Association of Realtors, a trade organization. is a vendor that the National Association of Realtors made a dumb deal with a number of years ago…

There is plenty of confusion about where the boundaries of Clintonville are… we don’t need a village in Summit County (Akron area) to make things worse. 

The Clintonville Neighborhood page on the map shows the neighborhood on the north side of Columbus in Franklin County.  The map covers what I would call Clintonville and Beechwold, but it is all the Clintonville area.  It looks like is including almost up to Chase Rd.  as Clintonville. 

Is this website including in Clintonville the Graceland area?  Delawanda?  Salem Village? Tremont Gardens? Worthington Forest Condos? Northview Estates?  But not Chaseland….

What does say the average price is for homes in Clintonville?

“Average Home Price$213,950

Average Rental Price $381

Homes for Sale 246″

Do you buy the Neighborhood numbers for Clintonville?  The rental number looks ‘crazy low’ but I am not involved with rentals.

The map at the top shows homes for sale listed as Clintonville in the Columbus Board of Realtors multiple listing service, in the post Clintonville the debate rages on… there is another map showing properties listed as Beechwold.


What’s Worthington?  is about the neighborhood page identifying the 43085 ZIP code as Worthington.

Come back… I will compare the Clintonville Neighborhood to reality

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