Clintonville – Best Columbus ‘hood?

by Maureen McCabe on May 9, 2010

Is Clintonville the best Columbus neighborhood? This is a repeat performance.  Best Columbus Neighborhood Some might call it a a rerun.   It’s a poll about the best Columbus neighborhood from back in 2007.  The polls  is for  neighborhoods in the Columbus City School District, not those in suburban school districts*.

Darn… I messed up the poll on the original post trying to get it for here.
More about Clintonville

‘Clintonville and Beechwold’

Clintonville If you build it they will come


This is #12 of ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’ which is about the City of Columbus and it’s suburbs. There is a poll about the BEST Columbus Suburb too… I am going to leave it alone. One broken poll a day is enough.

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