Clintonville Beechwold Debate II

by Maureen McCabe on November 23, 2007

A relocating client asked me… about the boundaries of Clintonville and Beechwold.

On the website hosted by the Clintonville Community Fund, Where does Clintonville end and Beechwold begin? says:

“It all depends on who you ask – but the truthful answer remains the same. Neither “Clintonville” nor “Beechwold” ever existed as political or formally recognized entities. Thus any answer as to where the boundaries are between the two areas is an answer based on myth.”

Creating more confusion has a page about “Beechwold” that calls out addresses on Cliffside Drive, Montrose Way, Webster Park Ave., Richards Rd., W. Beechwold Blvd., and Riverview Park Dr.  as Beechwold. says the boundaries are nebulous but he uses Henderson Rd as a south end… yet

Cliffside Drive – that must be South Beechwold – a block North of Arcadia (in case my sarcasm does not translate… Cliffside is south for Clintonville. Clintonville is south of Beechwold… )

Montrose Way  is south of the Park of Roses… to me that is Clintonville.

Webster Park Ave south of the Park of Roses… Clintonville

Richards Rd. east of the Park of Roses… I call it Clintonville

W. Beechwold Blvd. Beechwold right? No, to me that’s Old Beechwold. You have to make a distinction between the homes… and the rest of Beechwold.

Like wise Riverview Park Dr. is Old Beechwold to me.

So where does Clintonville start and Beechwold begin? Depends… 

Unless has corrected it Clintonville is a village in Summit County… but their map shows the Clintonville Beechwold area.  Average price for Clintonville

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