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by Maureen McCabe on November 21, 2007 currently thinks Clintonville is a village in Summit County…   The neighborhood map indicate a large area on the north-side of Columbus in Franklin County that kinda sorta looks like the Clintonville Beechwold area, but the description from Wikipedia is for a village in the Akron area.

Clintonville Neighborhood    someone will fix that wrong county thing at some point.

Today what does say the average price is for homes in Clintonville?

“Average Home Price $213,950

Average Rental Price $381

Homes for Sale 246

We have an MLS area (multiple listing service of the Columbus Board of Realtors…) that contains, Clintonville, Beechwold and a number of other smaller neighborhoods. 

Delawanda, Salem Village, Tremont Gardens,  Worthington Forest Condos,  Northview Estates all seem to be included in the listings …as Clintonville  But not  the homes in Chaseland…. or at least their map shows at least Chase Rd. not included but the map shows area north of Morse Rd.  as Clintonville.

Within Clintonville there are neighborhoods too…

Looking at that total MLS area on Wednesday morning there were 247 listings.  That is amazingly close to the number on the Neighborhood page for Clintonville.  The average price of those 247 homes is $215,172  Today

Not bad…

246 homes today – $213,950

247 homes today – $215,172 

Remember those homes are residential properties (at least the 247 are, looks like the 246 must be too.) It is single family homes and condominiums averaged together.  Don’t expect to find the single family homes in Clintonville averaging $215,172.  There are not a lot of condos in Clintonville though… not like some Columbus neighborhoods.

The average price is also off  because of the area is calling Clintonville.   In addition to  lumping Beechwold into Clintonville… is  using all the neighborhoods in the MLS area that Clintonville is in… including Delawanda,  Salem Village, Tremont Gardens,  Worthington Forest Condos,  Northview Estates but not Chaseland….

Taking those neighborhoods out the average price of residential properties (single family and condos) is:

207 properties today at $233,109 average price

Delawanda,  Salem Village, Tremont Gardens,  Worthington Forest Condos,  Northview Estates, Chaseland Manor and Chaseland are great Clintoville area neighborhoods.  They are more affordable than Clintonville. 

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