Central Ohio Schools: There’s an App

by Maureen McCabe on May 9, 2013

Ohio Schools: There’s an app for that now!   For a limited time the phone app is FREE.   The app from the Ohio School Board Association is for all Ohio public schools, not just central Ohio.

Ohio School App

The mobile app is for Android or iOS.  I downloaded the app onto my phone.  That is my phone…  the photo does not do it justice.

The Ohio School Board Association’s announcement of the Ohio Schools mobile app has a video.

The mobile app is labeled ‘Ohio Schools’ on my phone.  Ohio schools are divided into:

  • Northwest
  • Northeast
  • Central
  • Southwest
  • Southeast


Ohio schools are listed within their geographic region.  The central Ohio Schools are listed alphabetically.  The Ohio School app has way more schools in central Ohio than what I am familiar with in Franklin and Delaware counties.  When you click on a school district it gives you the address of the school district, a phone number and the school district website as well as what county the school district is in, on the Overview tab,


The second tab for each school district is the admin tab which includes the name of the district’s superintendent, the treasurer and school board members.


Each public school district has a list of the school buildings within the school district on the tab titled Buidings. The school buildings are clickable links on the app. The pages that open identifies the school building and then provides the address, principal, phone, fax, student teacher ratio, estimated enrollment and the estimated number of teachers.  To get to an individual schools website you would have to go through the school district website on the Overview page for the district.

Facts: Ohio SchoolsOlentangy Local school bus

The final tab on the app is  labeled Facts.  The facts provided for the school district include:

  • Board President of the school district
  • The  report card for the school from the Ohio Department of Education
  • Enrollment
  • Expenditure per pupil
  • Millage for the school district
  • Congressional District (s)
  • House District (s)

The app has a search function and you can add favorites.  I will have to look at that further.

I heard about the Ohio Schools app from the Ohio Associations of REALTORS today.  Thanks!     I thought at first I read the app cost 99 cents but reading about the app on the Ohio School Board Association site I realized the Android app is free now.  For a limited time the Ohio School app is free.

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Go to your app store on your device  for a limited time the Android or iOS app for Ohio Schools is FREE

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