Central Ohio goes back to school

by Maureen McCabe on August 23, 2007

SchoolHappens every year this time.  Kids go back to school. 

Olentangy schools  started yesterday? 

I have links to many Central Ohio school districts on my website.  They’ve been there for years (it’s an eight year old website, first graders back when my website was born are now in eighth grade if my math is correct.)

You know if your kids started school though don’t you?  Or I hope you do.  Dublin Schools (waning pdf I hate .pdf docs)  and Westerville Schools  are a tad confusing.  Worthington has a sane date, August 28.  Columbus Schools  are even better a day later, August 29, for those schools on the traditional calendar. 

I don’t think school should start until after Labor Day.  I loved school growing up… 7th grade was a pain but most years I loved school but I hated the end of summer, the back to school ads, the whole thing.  I hated Labor Day weekend.

Central Ohio Public Schools 

Central Ohio Private Schools

High School Rating – I wish Columbus monthly would update this, it is 6 years old.  Almost as old as my website.  Maybe they have.  I loved it. 

Oh no that means this Friday for some schools is “foot ball friday night, foot ball friday night…”

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