Bright Sky in Westerville

by Maureen McCabe on January 2, 2011

A picture paints a thousand words

words on Posterous but where's the photo?

The new St. Paul Catholic Church against a bright January sky.  I had to step into the shadow or run around the church because of the angle of the sun. This is the part of the church that I started photographing last spring.

There are many photos of the progress of the construction of this Westerville church on Columbus Life on Posterous. The latest photo was yesterday, New Years Day. What a difference a day can make.  Yesterday was warm and rainy. Today is clear and sunny and brrrr it is cold.

Posted via email from Columbus Life

EDIT For some reason the photo was not on Columbus Life on Posterous or here…

Here is the  link to Columbus Life on Posterous.  I started it in 2009.  I forget about it most of the time except Sunday Mornings, that’s why life in Columbus Ohio looks mostly like church in Westerville on Sunday Mornings.    I am NOT a big photographer.  I prefer photos for listings be taken by a professional photographer.  All of the photos on Columbus Life… or the vast majority come from my cell phone…  a Palm Centro until September 1, 2010.  I need to go back and recreate a lot of the photos.  I mean I have the photos but the email service I was using was not permanent so I need to find them and put them back up.  I went back and put back most of the St. Paul Sunday morning photos back up….  I may have to do the same on ColumbusBestBlog too…  ick.

Now the photos that are sent to Posterous are coming from a Samsung Epic.  Lots more capabilities but it is still just a phone.  The first photo of St. Paul Church with the new phone was horrible.  It was me not the camera or the phone.   I did a whole series of photos that morning at brunch at the 94th Aero Squadron.  Horrible photos of a very interesting spot.

Bright sky in Westerville… here’s the photo for today:

Westerville St. Paul Church 01 02 2011

Westerville Blue Skies January 2, 2011

Columbus Life on Posterous, look at  St. Paul Church in Westerville just yesterday, Happy New Year in Westerville.


Happy New Year!

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