Worthington High School Dance

by Maureen McCabe on December 7, 2012

A dance at the Worthington High School in 1941:


Worthington High School Dance 1941


Don O’Brien wrote on his Flickr description of his photo:

“The time was shortly before before the attack on Pearl Harbor. This was at an informal dance sponsored by the GAA . As I recall, the admission was 25 cents.”

The Worthington High School of 1941 is Kilbourne Middle School today.

Thing have changed in 71 years.

The polite sign on the gym wall at the  Worthington High School dance says “No Smoking Allowed Please.”

GAA stands for ‘Girls Athletic Association.’  Is GAA long gone?  I thought I had found a link to the Girls Athletic Association online however I ended up on the Gaelic Athletic Association.  Looking at Wiktionary I did not see Girls Athletic Association listed there for GAA.

I believe Don O’Brien was a senior in high school on December 7, 1941.  He’s shared a number of photos on Flickr that reference life in Worthington in the winter of 1941. I have shared some of his Pearl Harbor Day photos other years on my Worthington site.  Maybe here, on ColumbusBestBlog.com  too.  Don O’Brien’s Flickr  photostream has photos of  Worthington and Columbus from the 1930s to present day.  Although he lives in southern Ohio he gets back to central Ohio.  He sometimes takes a photo of the Worthington locations to match up to his old photos.

The link to Don O’Brien’s Flickr photostream is Dok1 on Flickr. 

The photo of the school dance in 1941 links  to the GAA, Worthington High School dance photo on Mr.O’Brien’s Flickr photostream.  In the photo description Mr. O’Brien identifies the people in the photo and provides information about the music the band would be playing in 1941 .

The photo is licensed with a Creative Commons license which allows me to share the photo here.  If you want to share the photo please share it directly from Dok1′s Flickr photostream and not here. I’d love the traffic here but it’s cleaner that way.  There are way more great old photos to look at on Don O’Brien’s Flickr photostream  too.  Thanks.

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