Whole Foods Market – Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on August 2, 2008

Wonder how the Whole Foods Market in Columbus is doing now?

A New York Times article says Whole Foods has a reputation for being high priced.

“Now, in a sign of the times, the company is offering deeper discounts, adding lower-priced store brands and emphasizing value in its advertising.”

Whole Foods Market – Columbus Ohio

Whole Foods Market Columbus Map
3670 W. Dublin Granville Rd. just east of Sawmill.

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The article is about a Philadelphia PA. Whole Foods Market store and the chain in general. The stores have a nickname “Whole Paycheck” based on their reputation in better times. Columbus based TNS Retail Forward is quoted in the article in the New York Times Business section saying there is a trend toward grocery shopping at discounters like Auldi in the current economy.

I have only shopped at the Columbus Whole Foods store a couple of times. Love the produce. Just looking at it is a treat. NYT article says you can buy beans and tofu at good prices at Whole Foods. I don’t eat tofu but beans are cheap at most stores.

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