Wet Basement Quiz Question 7

by Maureen McCabe on January 29, 2008

Question #7: Are wall anchors a good way to stop a bulging wall?

Answer: NO WAY! I have stacks of wall anchor plates at my shop. They came from all the wall anchor systems we had to remove to truly SOLVE once and forever the Bowed wall problem. Wall anchor systems are supposed to slowly straighten a wall over time. The company comes out drill a hole in the wall and drives a metal rod or screw into the earth. The threaded rod then has a plate nut and washer. The company will give you a special wrench and then tell you to give it a ¼ turn every couple of months to “draw the wall slowly back. This is pure nonsense in order to truly straighten a wall the wall must first be excavated removing the heavy soil so the wall can be then straightened and repaired.



Someone was talking about wall anchors recently… here? In the comments? Inspector? Contractor? I mostly still see I beams… does he collect those too? Why would he be taking wall anchors back and collecting them? Discard them? Recycle them? This is a series from a spam email from a basement contractor in Central Ohio.

Question Seven dedicated to Dave of Dave’s Beer for his devotion to the series. ;-) Thanks


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1 Palmetto Bay Redland Real Estate January 30, 2008 at 07:41 am

Hmmm! I see I’ve been missing some fun around here. I need to visit more often. =)

Maggie Dokic

2 Maureen McCabe January 30, 2008 at 09:03 am

Hey don’t make fun… wet basements is a real issue in Columbus.

I wonder why my blog put your comment in moderation… you’ve commented here before haven’t you?

We were talking about you on Twitter yesterday. Don’t be alarmed. There was a rumor you were no longer with EWM. I squelched it but who knows… We were of course discussing Lucas Lechuga and EWM firing him… and we were saying who else is with EWM, you, Kevin T, etc.

Let me again say via my itty bitty Columbus Ohio blog about wet basements that Broker Maggie is with EWM in Miami Florida where they don’t have basements??? None of Florida has basements ? Hope I have that right or I could get sued by basements all over Florida. being silly..

3 Dave January 30, 2008 at 01:28 pm

Wow! I’m honored.

1. Popularity of posts as indicated by number of comments/traffic is innacurate. The ones who visit are very interested and the series was honestly of value to me. I love this stuff and the inspector blog would be awesome! (ps, I’m one to speak, I get no traffic and almost have anxiety attacks over it. It’s blog envy. Everyone’s got it.)

2. I often get “free” quotes because I don’t give in to a salesperson easy. I learn tons from a free estimate. Especially when the salesperson is chatty. I heard once, may have been from Nick Sung(?), when I had a bowing wall, I was under the impression an anchor system could pull the bow out of a wall. NO WAY. It can prevent further bowing. That’s all any of these things can do. I-beams, strips, anchors, etc. Pulling a wall that’s taken years to bow to a straight wall in days would likely crack all kinds of drywall, mess up the foundation, etc.

Great theme of posts. Don’t care how popular you thought it was, I loved it.

4 Basement Guru October 14, 2008 at 09:39 am

I wrote the basement quiz and I can assure you that whoever said this was from a spam e-mail is flat out wrong,or a blatant liar.

I prefer to believe that it is the former.

I do not SPAM.

That is both illegal and something I personally hate.

The reason I have stacks of wall anchor plates at my shop,is sadly that I have had o remove them due to wall failure.

I suggest if you want to learn more about why they fail that you visit LINK DELETED and click on the are your basement walls bowing chapter.

I believe that you will find the reasons you are looking for, and will come away with far greater knowledge.

I have written three books two of them about basements and I freely give copies to those who inquire.


Charles Boday author of the Ultra Dry Basement: A basic guide to understanding and correcting foundation water problems.

5 Maureen McCabe October 15, 2008 at 06:36 am

You spammed me.

It was in my mailbox unsolicited, tooting your horn. That’s spam. Poorly written spam.

Don’t take up comment spamming now….

6 Wet Basement Columbus July 30, 2012 at 07:08 am

Please read this so you could have the chance to be alert and knowledgeable enough about basement waterproofing solutions, this is a perfect info which may help on you, that’s pretty sure.

7 Maureen McCabe July 30, 2012 at 11:03 am

Your name is not “Wet Basement Columbus” link removed.

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