Wet Basement Quiz Question 4

by Maureen McCabe on January 15, 2008

This is from an email spam I recieved from a Central Ohio basement contractor:  

“Question #4:  Can’t we just paint over it with UGL Drylock™ or ThoroSeal™

Answer:  No.   In fact applying these products to a wet wall actually worsens the problem! The reason is that these products actually do trap water in the wall they will actually accelerate the internal disintegration of the wall by trapping soil acids in the blocks which begin to break down the concrete itself. Also there is no way to keep the paint or the Thorpo-seal from de-laminating due to efflourescence. Additionally, latex based paints placed over mold or concrete block can create a greenhouse like effect, due to the vapor barrier forming nature of latex.  This effect was discovered the hard way by the asbestos industry when they began to “encapsulate” by means of latex paint, asbestos covered walls. Perfectly good asbestos began to turn to mush and become dangerous as the “greenhouse effect” of the latex trapped the moisture inside.”

Above is from a spam email I received.  Duh…  I think most people know that sealing from the inside is not going to keep water from the outside coming in.. but what about his claims about greenhouse gases and destroying concrete?

I had a listing a couple  years ago where the seller hired an engineer to look at the basement walls after buyers ran scared after an inspection.   One short wall did look bad.   The wall was against the driveway and there were window wells. 

I told her not to paint the wall when we listed the property because we did not want to hide anything.  He was able to tell the homewner that the wall was plumb (not bulging, had not moved) and that it did not need the work from the inside or outside, just needed to be painted…

Showing homes Sunday… very old, old homes… in an urban area of Central Ohio on Sunday we visited a property that is being remodeled.  There was a contractor in the basement “Thorough Sealing” (I don’t think of it as a brand name… more as a processs…) the basement walls.  Old basement wall… old, old basement walls,   pre 1920 walls… stone foundation rather than block.   The “Super Dry Basement” guy’s  answer above went through my brain…

I’d love to hear from home inspectors what they think of these products.  What do you tell a buyer when you inspect a basement that has been “sealed.” 

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