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by Maureen McCabe on January 28, 2008

My Real Living HER website is MaureenMcCabe.com

On my website are a list of current open houses for the company… all current Real Living HER open houses.  There are 80 some on the list for this week.  Last weekend about 280 open houses were listed, including my 2 – 4 , Sunday January 27, 2008 Open House  in the Village of Minerva Park in NE Central Ohio… 

  I picked up a call yesterday that said:

“uh Hi Maureen my name is Jason I’m uh at XXX S. Wall St. with some friends of mine.  We were uh taking a look at the… we  wanted to go through the open house at the condo here at  uh Brewers Gate and uh  we’re here, it’s about 1:40  and uh there’s no one here, the door is not uh open uh for the unit.  So if you could please give me a call back.  We would love to take a look at this unit. 

uh the number is 614-XXX-XXX, XXX-XXXX again the name is Jason. Thank you. “

Sent yesterday at 1:46 PM

…hmmm downtown at someone else’s listing and open house but for some reason he thinks I should be there.  Poor befuddled Jason.  Jason is NOT my client.  The listing he is calling on is NOT my listing… happens occasionally… but not all that often.

As I said…I was on my way to my open house in Minerva Park…  after putting up signs, opening the door, turning on lights, I tried to find someone to look at the open house list online for the numbers that Jason was obviously oblivious to… no luck there…  Before calling Jason back to try to help him I worked with  the first couple who I arrived at my open house…

Then I returned Jason’s call and tried to tell him he’d contacted the wrong person.  When I returned Jason’s call he was not as uh polite… 

Jason never waivered in his belief that I was supposed to be in the Brewery District, so he and his friends could get into that condo. He was so sure of himself he could not see the contact info just below my name.  It said “presented by” so I ought to be there… 

I got the impression Jason was looking at it on a mobile device… maybe it was not there in the way he was looking at it.  He was on my website, and he is welcome to be on my website.  If he needs to contact someone though the info about the listing agent is right below my name: 

Property listing courtesy of:  Real Living HER (Metro Office)
Office: 614-221-7400
Fax: 614-220-4350
Listing Agent Name
Direct: (614) XXX-XXXX
Fax: (614)XXX-XXXX

Jason said there was no contact info there.  No link to click to the open house. 

There is a link to the open house list which would also have the contact info for the listing agent and whomever is hosting the Open House.

If you are on my website you will see all open house listings presented by me… (on another Real Living HER agent’s website? All listings will be presented by them… ) look at other open house.. wow all 280 plus would be presented by the person whose website you are on!  but there is contact info there if you look for it, click on the links.

If you click on the open house link it will take you to a list of open houses with again who the listing agent is and WHO is hosting the open house with all the contact info you need, to contact someone who…. uh cares.

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