Short North, Columbus, OH

by Maureen McCabe on March 6, 2010

Short North, Columbus OH was not always known as the “Short North.”

WOSU is showing a documentary Monday evening at 8 PM about the Shorth North neighborhood in Columbus Ohio,  The Short North : A History

“FROM THE DOCUMENTARY: In a city of neighborhoods, it’s the neighborhood that connects us to the past – and to each other – the Short North. It gets backbone and grit from Harrison West, elegance from Victorian Village; it’s anchored in the traditions of Italian Village, and the vivid impressions of Flytown which now lives only in memory.”

I remember visiting the Short North before I moved to Columbus in 1990. I remember the murals, not necessarily this one.

” A play on the famous Grant Wood painting -Short North, Columbus, OH “

is a photo owned and shared via Flickr by     The photo of the Short North mural is on the  ‘s Flickr photostream.

The WOSU program is the first in a series about Columbus Ohio neighborhoods.

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