ROYGBIV Or What Color Palette is BEST for You?

by Maureen McCabe on September 27, 2005

From  “From cool hues to bold blues, the colors in your home can reveal your individuality in a way that few other means of expression can. Whether youre easy-going and neutral or fiery and feisty, your color palette usually has a way of bringing out your true colors. Take this quiz to find out where your personality puts you on the color wheel.”

Color Quiz Take this interactive quiz to see what color palette is best for you.

In case you don’t recognize ROYGBIV.  It  is the color wheel, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.   I did one in just about each and every art and design class in college.

Columbus is home to the Roy G Biv Gallery at 997 N. High Street in the Historic Short North Neighborhood.  Roy G Biv Gallery is an independent, non-profit art space founded in 1989.

Columbus Art Scene Roy G. Biv Webpage

Originally posted on Columbus Best Blog on Realtown Blogs.

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