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by Maureen McCabe on November 23, 2008

Columbus does not make the lists of  worst or the best cities to relocate to for a job in this article.  At first I saw Cleveland and thought it was on the list of best cities to relocate to for a job.  Then realized it is on the worst list as is Detroit, which is not even in Ohio but is looming up there north of us… and in my conciousness.

The article Where Would You Relocate for a Job complete with lists and a slildeshow which would not really work for me says:

“Do you live in a city that you want to live in? If you’re lucky, you already do—but many Americans would relocate at the drop of a hat if they could.”

Funny thing is lots of the cities appear on both lists.  It’s not a list of 20 cities.  It is two lists of ten cities. Forgive me for quibbling.  New York makes number one on both lists.

Did you relocate to Columbus for a job?

Where have you lived that you would warn people away from? My first job out of college the joke was human resources did not do interviews in the winter.

What cities would you like to relocate to for a job?  What cities would you not relocate to for a job?

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1 Bridget Reno December 8, 2008 at 06:05 pm

Having to deal with the stress of job relocation could be hard on the family. I recently had to move due to my husband’s job and believe me it was a lot of work merely making the move. With all the stress of packing, loading and unloading and then unpacking, it becomes a job in itself. A lot of these tasks were my burden to carry seeing how my husband had to continue working. In addition to all of this I also had to find a good home to move into in an area that I was unfamiliar with. This was overwhelming of course, but through my search I actually found some great offers. I was amazed that there were some great homes available in an unbelievably beautiful and relaxing community. It’s not impossible ladies and gentlemen, just keep looking for that dream home and you’ll find it.

2 Maureen McCabe December 9, 2008 at 04:56 pm

Not sure if that is comment spam or not. Odd for an ordinary citizen to be a shill for an out of state builder…. Wondering if I should edit the link out of the comment or not.

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