Regrets Only

by Maureen McCabe on May 20, 2011

Today’s Nablopomo prompt is:

“What was your biggest regret this week?”

NaBloPoMo May 2011

Maybe 2011

Maybe yesterday’s Nablopomo post?

Yesterday’s Nablopomo prompt was:

“What song reminds you of childhood?”

I knew the answer immediately. “You are my sunshine” I started a draft on early Thursday.   The  post is still in drafts this morning.   Nablopomo is National Blog Posting Month a commitment to post a blog post each day in a month.  I’ve messed up before.  I posted at 4:00 AM Sunday May 8, 2011 for Saturday May 7, 2011… I wrote a Sunday post later that day.

Yesterday, I had a really busy day and I regretted immediately not staying up the night before to get something done.  I can’t tell you what that was though, regretfully. 

Remembering that I needed to do a Nablopomo post about a song that reminded me of childhood (mine)   I kept thinking about sunshine all long, rainy Thursday… I was pretty sure the weather forecast for today was for sunshine.  I checked the weather forecast from my phone, more than once.  Sun on Friday?  The first sunny day in Central Ohio for a long time.  

I wanted to take a short nap before writing the post ‘You are my sunshine’ post on  Thursday evening but I could not fall asleep even though I was exhausted.  I should have written the Thursday Nablopomo post before dinner.  Dinner always makes me sleepy.  I should have immediately written the post after dinner but I sat down in a comfy chair.  Sitting in a comfy chair always  makes me fall asleep.  Turing on the television always makes me fall asleep.

I fell asleep.

I would wake up occasionally and think I should go to the computer and write a post for the Thursday Nablopomo prompt for which my answer is  “You are my sunshine.”   As time went on when I woke up I formed a plan to post from my phone.  It’s a “smart phone” after all.   I could post via email and my Posterous account (Columbus Life) and get the post done despite my exhaustion.  I woke up again  during the 11:00 news.  Andrea Cambern said something to Chris Bradley about sunshine in the forecast for today… or did I dream that?   I thought I was more awake than I had been in hours and I might even get up to post the post before midnight… or I could just do the post on my phone.  Make it very short.  I got my phone…  and tried to remember the Nablopomo prompt and what Andrea Cambern said about sunshine…

Columbus Life

I did not really want the post on Posterous. Columbus Life on Posterous is really just photos… of Columbus, Worthington, Westerville, Powell, etc.  from my cell phone.   I did not want the ‘You are my Sunshine’ post to tweet or to go to Facebook but I was too sleepy to sort through the email addresses on my phone to find the address that sent content just to via Posterous.  I thought I would post the “You are my sunshine” post and delete it  from Posterous and anywhere else it went in the morning.   That was the plan.

Long story short?  I accidentally sent the post with just the words “You are my Sunshine” a couple of times. And part of the next line of the song.   No explanation of what it meant. No Nablopomo prompt.  No Andrea Cambern. No Chris Bradley.  No weather forecast.

Wait there is more to the story.  I dreamed I got back on my phone and edited the post.  I added the Nablopomo prompt.  I wrote about our rainy weather.  I remembered what Andrea Cambern said to Chris Bradley on the 11:00 news Thursday about a forecast of sun today.  I remembered Chris Bradley’s weather forecast and I added it to the   When I woke up later I remembered I had written a post and edited a post and made the Nablopomo deadline.

When I really woke  up this morning I was less confident that I did all that on my phone.  Had I really been sleepblogging?   By the light of day I really don’t regret falling for the dream that I had written a great post from my phone.  I certainly was able to sleep better once my dream convinced me I had posted and edited the “You are my sunshine” post.

Yesterday regretfully


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