Real Living is a religion… or a science

by Maureen McCabe on November 13, 2008



Or religion is real living.  True religion is real living, the uncapitalized “real living” though not the brand Real Living.

The brokerage I work for in Columbus Ohio is Real Living HER.  I was trying to find others from Real Living office around the country who are on Twitter by searching for ‘Real Living’ and I found the quote above

The Einstein quote is  from someone who posts quotes about religion on Twitter.  It is not about the Real Living brand even if that is what jumped out at me first. Seeing it not in caps made it clearer….

True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness. – Albert Einstein

I never realized how much scientist Albert Einstetin spoke about God, religion and sprituality until I tried to track down Einstein’s  “Real Living” quote. Of course I  mean Einstein’s “real living” quote.

Real Living HER was formerly known as HER Realtors, I think most people locally think of the company as HER.  HER is pronouncedReal Living flag at the Real Living HER Worthington office H.E. R. not Her….

Real Living was formed in early 2002.

Real Living HER has been around forever…  Real Living HER has offices throughout Central Ohio.  I am with the Real Living HER Worthington office. is me at Real Living HER

Recently Real Living, based in Columbus Ohio sold Realty One Real Living in Cleveland to Howard Hanna.  A conversation on Twitter the morning it was announced that Real Living was selling Realty One Real Living (Cleveland Ohio offices) made me realize that people in Columbus don’t necessarily get the difference between Real Living HER and Real Living.

Photo credits:

Top photo is Albert Einstein of course.  The picture is in the public domain according to Wikipedia – Albert Einstein because of the age of the photo and because the copyright was not renewed.

The photo was taken by Oren Jack Turner of Princeton, New Jersey.

Photo to the left is my photo of the Real Living HER Worthingon office flying the Real Living flag proudly.

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